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All Saints Ryde Field of Remembrance in 2002

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World War I

NameName on
County War Memorial
Name on
IW Rifles Memorials
Associated with
Salmon, Edgar Joseph yesHaven Street, Ashey
Salter, Albert Victor yesVentnor
Salter, Charlesyes Newchurch
Salter, James Henryyes Ventnor
Salter, Oliveryes Chale, Whitecroft Hospital
Saunders, Albert yesThorley, Ashey
Saunders, Reginald Jacobyes Godshill
Saunders, Williamyes Bonchurch
Sawyer, Ralph  yesNewport
Sawyer, Williamyes   Newport
Scovell, Edmund Alfred Henryyes Ventnor
Scovell, Wilfred Albanyes Ventnor
Seaman, Charles Alfred    Niton (survived WW I)
Searle, Harold William  yesShanklin
Seely, Charles Grant yesBrook, Gatcombe
Seely, Frank Reginaldyes Brook
Sewell, Henry Edwardyes Bonchurch
Sheath, Frederick Charlesyes Ventnor
Sheath, Walter  Whitwell
Shedden, Graham Percivalyes Whippingham / East Cowes
Sheppard, William Arthuryes Ryde
Shepperd, Joseph Edmund   Binstead
Shotton, John Sidwellyes Croydon, Godshill
Silvester, William Gardner yesRyde
Simmonds, Arthur James  yesNewport
Simpkin, Charles Bertieyes Ventnor (originally from Leicester)
Slade, Frank Courtenay   Cowes (originally from Kent, survived war)
Sloggett, Walter Carlyes Ventnor
Smith, Charles yesNewchurch
Smith, Frank  Newchurch
Smith, Percy  Freshwater
Smith, Percy Harold Limondyes Ventnor
Smith, Albert Edwinyes Parkhurst
Smith, William Thomasyes Ventnor
Snell, Sydney Robert   [Ventnor]
Snooke, John Thomasyes Ventnor
Snook, William Frank Lawrenceyes
(as SNORK W F)
Snow, Harry Hilton yesWhitwell
Sothcott, Percy Georgeyes  Sandown
Spencer, Henry Charlesyes Shanklin
Spicer, Edmund Dyes Freshwater
Squibb, Reginald Georgeyes Sandford, Godshill
Squibb, Sidney Edward  Newchurch
Stallard, Edwinyes Newchurch
Stallard, Williamyes Newchurch
Stark, Ernest Frederick  yesNewport
Stephen, James Anderson   Cowes
Sterling, Gilbertyes Bonchurch
Stevens, Frank  Arreton
Stone, Percy Vere Powys  Wroxall (survived WW I)
Stripp, William Johnyes Ventnor
Stroud, Willis Robert   Stroud
Swain, Charles Douglas Downsyes  Ryde
Swane, Basil Horace   Newport
Sutton, Gurney Sinclairyes Ventnor and Ryde
Symmans, Frank Wilfredyes Ventnor, Freshwater
Symmans, John Frederick
(Symmans, Frederick John)
yes Ventnor, Sandown

World War II

NameAssociated with
Saunders, Leonard William Ventnor
Sheppard, Harold David Ventnor
Sheppard, Eric Ernest Binstead
Shipman, John Basil Cowes and Ventnor
Simpkins, Frederick John (Jack) Wroxall
Smith, Archibald Newchurch
Smith, Geoffrey William Newchurch
Smith, Sam Thomas Newchurch
Smith, Vernon Joseph Newchurch
Spanner, Peter Ventnor
Sprack, Charles Frederick John Brading
Squibb, George William Newchurch
Stagg, Bernard Percy George Newport
Stallard, Charles Leslie Shanklin
Stark, Raymond William Newport
Stay, Richard Francis Brading
Stephens, Oliver Cecil Sandown, Shanklin
Stickley, Ernest George Ventnor, Civilian War Dead
Strachan, Antony Peyton VentrisShalfleet
Stripp, William Johnyes Ventnor
Stubbings, Frederick William Sandown
Sutton, John Lake
Symmans, Henry Ernest George Ventnor (served, survived)

Malaya post WW II

NameAssociated with
Stebbing, Derek Blundell Lake, Sandown

Falklands Campaign

NameAssociated with
Swallow, Andrew Charles Bembridge


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