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Name : John Frederick Symmans.

Son of John Charles Symmans and Ellen Symmans (née Walker), of 1, Malvern Cottages, Upper Ventnor, I. of W.; husband of Rose Loader (formerly Symmans), of 1, Obelisk Cottages, Fort St., Sandown, I. of W.

Born 1875 Ventnor (Registered as Frederick John Symmans) (RMA record shows a date of birth of 24 December 1875)

Married 1905 Rosa Catherine Sothcott at St Catherine's Church, Ventnor.
  Census Information :

1881 : John C and Ellen Symmans, with their children including Frederick J. aged 5, are at Down Road, Ventnor. John Symmans is a Gardener. (surname transcribed as Symmons)

1891 : John C and Ellen Symmans, with their children including Frederick J. aged 15, are at 4 Malvern Cottages, Ventnor. John Symmans is a Labourer. (Surname transcribed as Symmonds)

1901 : John C and Ellen Symmans, with some of their children, are at 4 Malvern Cottages, Ventnor. John Symmans is a Labourer at Cemetery. (Surname transcribed as Symmans)

1901 : Frederick Symmans is serving with the Royal Marine Artillery.

1911 : John C and Ellen Symmans, with some of their children, are at 4 Malvern Cottages, Ventnor. John Symmans is a General Labourer. (Surname transcribed as Symmans or Symmars)

1911 : Frederick John and Rosa Catherine Symmans, are at 1 Obelisk Cottages, Sandown. Frederick Symmans is a General Labourer.

  Service details :

Gunner RMA/6748 John Frederick Symmans, Royal Marine Artillery, HMS Aboukir

Enlisted 13 May 1897 at Gosport for 12 years service. He was 5 ft 8 in tall, with a fresh complexion, dark brown hair and grey eyes.
He was discharged on 31 May 1909 having completed his service, and became a Reservist. On the outbreak of war he was re-engaged on the 2 August 1914 and almost immediately joined HMS Aboukir, which was sunk by enemy action in the North Sea.
  Casualty Details :

Died : 22 September 1914 aged 38

Commemorated at : Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire

CWGC record ...
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Ventnor War Memorial
Ventnor St Alban's Church Roll of Honour
Sandown War Memorial
St John's Church, Sandown, War Memorial
County War Memorial, Carisbrooke Castle
  Documents :


Friday, October 9, 1914 Page 4

IN addition to the names given on page 1, a further local casualty in the loss of the Aboukir is that of Pte. F. Symmans, R.M.A., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Symmans, of Upper Ventnor.

Friday, October 16, 1914 Page 5

SYMMANS. - Lost in H.M.S. Aboukir on the 22nd September, 1914, Frederick John Symmans, the loving husband of Rose Symmans, of Sandown, and eldest son of John Charles and Ellen Symmans, of Upper Ventnor, I.W., aged 38 years, 10 months. "Peace, Perfect Peace."

Page 5

MR. AND MRS. SYMMANS wish to thank all kind friends for their sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Page 5

LOST IN H.M.S. ABOUKIR. - We regret to announce that among those lost in H.M.S. Aboukir, which was sunk in the North Sea by a German submarine on September 22nd, was Mr. Frederick John Symmans, of 1 Obelisk Cottages, Fort Street, Sandown. The late Mr. Symmans was the husband of Mrs. Rose Symmans, a daughter of the late town crier of Sandown, and the eldest son of Mr. John Charles and Ellen Symmans, of Upper Ventnor. He was in the Royal Fleet Reserve and was working in the gardens at Los Altos at the time he was called up. Ever since the war broke out his wages had been generously paid by Mr. G.C. Drabble to the wife. Much sympathy is extended to the widow. There are no children.

Page 5

At a meeting of the Local War Relief Committee on Wednesday the Chairman (Mr. J.N. Cater, J.P.) proposed that votes of condolence be sent to Mrs. Glaire and family, Mrs. C. Colenutt, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Symmans, of Upper Ventnor, in the losses they have respectively sustained in the deaths of relatives owing to the war.


Friday, December 25, 1914 Page 5

CORPL. S. SYMMANS, of Upper Ventnor, Royal Garrison Artillery, has returned to his home at Ventnor from the front on leave till Boxing Day. He says the troops are being excellently treated both as regards food and other comforts.


Friday, December 24, 1915 Page 5

MARRIAGE. - On Saturday last at St. John's Church, Ryde, the marriage took place of Corpl. S. Symmans, R.G.A. (son of Mr. and Mrs. John Symmans, of Lowtherville) and Miss Louisa Petty, of Ryde. The Vicar of the parish performed the ceremony. The bride was given away by her father, Mr. J. Petty, and Miss Elizabeth Petty and Miss Constance Rayner were the bridesmaids. The duties of best man were carried out by Mr. Robert Symmans, brother of the bridegroom. Corpl. Symmans had a week's leave from the Western Front, where he has been for over fifteen months. The newly-married pair were the recipients of a large number of valuable and useful presents.

His wife, Louisa Matilda PETTY, was the sister of William James PETTY who is commemorated on Ryde War Memorial (though not on the County War Memorial unless he is JJ PETTY).

The bridesmaid, Constance Maud RAYNER, was the future wife of Robert Harold SYMMANS, the best man and brother of S SYMMANS.


Friday, July 7, 1916 Page 1

Leading Seaman Henry Symmans (son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Symmans, Upper Ventnor), has brought home a "momento" of the recent Naval Battle in the form of a jagged piece of metal from a German 15-inch gas shell. It is a formidable-looking object weighing 16lbs., although its proportions are not large. A fragment from the same shell killed six of Seaman Symmans's colleagues. The white acid which caused the shell to explode may be easily seen in the metal.

Friday, July 14, 1916 Page 4

In referring to Leading Seaman Harry Symmans last week we gave the wrong title. He should have been described as a 1st class Petty Officer and Leading Torpedo Instructor.


Friday, January 5, 1917 Page 4

REMARKABLE FAMILY RECORD. - Mr. and Mrs. J. Symmans, of Upper Ventnor, have now ten married sons and one married daughter. Five sons are now serving with the colours, one son was killed on the Aboukir and three sons are in Australia. There are 16 grandchildren.

Page 4

THE MARRIAGE of Corpl. A.E. Symmans, R.G.A., ninth son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Symmans, of Upper Ventnor, and Miss E.K. Morgan, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Morgan, of St. George's Down, Arreton, took place at Arreton Church on Wednesday, December 27th. The bride was attended by Miss D. Morgan (sister) and Miss P. Bennett, Miss H. Morgan and Miss W. Symmans (niece of bridegroom). The duties of best man were carried out by Sergt. S.S. Symmans, R.G.A., brother of bridegroom. The bride was given away by her father. The presents were numerous and useful. About 20 guests sat down to the wedding breakfast. The bridegroom and the best man are serving in France.
  Further Information :

His brother, Frank Wilfred Symmans, died in 1917 aged 35.

His brothers Septimus Stephen Symmans, and Reuben Octavius Symmans, both served in the Army.

His brother Henry Ernest Symmans, served in the Royal Navy.

His brother, Robert Harold Symmans, was married to Constance Maud Rayner, whose brother Thomas Charles Henry Rayner, also died in WW I.

His nephew, Henry Ernest George Symmans, served in the Army in WW II.

Rosa Symmans remarried in 1919, Jesse Loader.
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Janet Griffin for newspaper research
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