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All Saints Ryde Field of Remembrance in 2002

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South African War

NameAssociated with
Bertram, Harry CollingwoodShorwell (died in 1918)

World War I

World War II

NameName on
County War Memorial
Name on
IW Rifles Memorials
Associated with 
Baines, Norbert Richard   Shanklin 
Baker, Arthur    YarmouthServed
Baker, Ernest Alfred    YarmouthServed (and in WW II)
Baker, Frank yes Niton 
Balders, Arthur William yes Ryde 
Ballard, Adolphus Roy yesyesLake 
Ballard, Frederick William yes Lake 
Ballard, Oliver Charles yes Lake 
Ballard, Richard John yes Lake, Sandown, Shanklin 
Banting, Leslie Walter yes Shanklin 
Barfoot, George Allan yes (twice) Ventnor, St Lawrence 
Barlow, Thomas Charles yes Bembridge 
Barnes, Jesse James   Ashey, Ryde 
Barnes, William Alfred yes Northwood 
Barrett, Cecil Harry yes Newport 
Barrett, Ernest Boyd yes Newport 
Barrett, John Henry yes Cowes 
Barton, Albert Ernest   yesHaven Street 
Barton, Charles yes Shorwell 
Bassett, Frederick Arthur yes Shanklin 
Bastiani, Alfred Harryyes Totland
Bastiani, Walter Schartian   Bembridge 
Batten, Albert Victor yes Ventnor (Fulham) 
Beattie-Crozier, Percy
[Crozier, Percy Beattie]
yes Wroxall 
Beavis, Joseph Hector Macdonald
[Bevis, Hector Macdonald]
yes Ventnor 
Beckingsale, Beauclerc Leigh yes Newport 
Belcher, Edward William  yesNewport 
Beynon, Walter James yes Shanklin 
Black, Dudley Hammond yes Ventnor 
Black, George Dudley Austin    Seaview 
Blackman, Walter Culip    [Ryde] 
Blake, Charley Ellmanyes Newport, Cowes, Ryde 
Blake, Edward Algernon Cleader yes Shanklin 
Booker, Frederick Ernest yes Lake, Shanklin 
Bousfield, Edmund Emerson   Bonchurch 
Bowen, George W yes Lake 
Boxall, William Greatbatch   Ventnor 
Boyce, James Frederick yes Bembridge 
Boynton, Archibald    ShanklinServed
Boynton, Albert Sydney yes Lake 
Boynton, Harry Thomas    ShanklinServed
Boynton, Richard Thomas yes Lake 
Brading, James Herbert yes Ventnor 
Brannon, Bertram Robert Urry    Gatcombe 
Brett, Alfred Ernest Luke yes Shanklin 
Brett, [George] Frank   yesCalbourne 
Brett, William Frank yes Arreton, Brading 
Bromwell, Albert yes Gatcombe 
Brine, William yes Newchurch 
Brown, Archibald yes Shanklin 
Brown, Arthur John    Arretonserved
Brown, Charles Herbert    Sandown / Newport (IW Constabulary) 
Brown, Ernest Albert George    Arretonserved
Brown, Frank yes Shanklin 
Brown, Harry Frederick Arthur yes Ryde 
Brown, Walter Rolfe yes Ryde 
Buckett, Richard Henry   Shalfleet 
Buckett, William Harold  yesRyde 
Budden, Albert George   Arreton 
Bull, Alfred yes Nettlestone / Ryde 
Bunce, Sidney  yesShanklin 
Burchell, Edgar Victoryes East Cowes
Burchett, Arthur
(Vine, Arthur)
yes Ventnor 
Burden, Walter James yes Ventnor 
Burton, Alfred Ernest yes Newport 
Burton, Fred yes Freshwater (IW Constabulary) 
Burton, Henry Evelyn  yesNewport 
Bush, George Henry  Ventnor, ShanklinSurvived WW I
Bush, James yes Ventnor 
Bush, William James yes East Cowes, Whippingham 
Butcher[s], Fred   Ashey, Brading 
Butcher[s], George Henry yes Ashey, Ryde 
Butcher, Leonard Ernest yes Sandown 
Butcher, Percy Loben yes Sandown 
Byng, Arthur Maitland yes Ryde 

World War II

World War I

NameAssociated with
Bacon, Leslie RobertNewport
Baldwin, Walter ValsonShalfleet
Bamford, John Newchurch
Barbezat, Charles Lawrence Bembridge School
Barker, Anthony Niton
Barker, David Conquest Sandown
Barton, Harold Ernest Newport
Benfield, Leslie Newport
Berridge, Gordon Frederick St Lawrence
Bettenson, Gordon Henry Arreton, Lake
Blackman, Henry Francis Ryde
Blute, Frederick John Freshwater
Bolton, Elwood Maurice William Totland
Bowers, Joseph Andrew Ryde
Brading, Charles Edward Seaview
Brennen, Dennis Shanklin
Broadsmith, Harold EmmettRyde School
Buckell, Charles Wroxall
Buckler, Kenneth GeorgeNewport
Burke, Joseph Y Ryde
Burton, Peter Marsh Freshwater
Butcher[s], Jack Arreton


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