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Charles Buckell, son of Charles Theodore and Amy Louisa Buckell, of Wroxall, Isle of Wight.
His name is recorded on the War Memorial at St John's Church, Wroxall.

Service details

Lance Corporal T/14613945 Charles Edwin Buckell, Royal Army Service Corps.

CWGC record ...

Date of Death :14 February 1945
Where buried or commemorated :Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany
Charles Buckell

Charles Buckell

Charles Buckell

Charles Buckell

Charles Buckell

Charlie Buckell was the only son of Charles and Louisa Buckell, of Whitely Bank, in Wroxall. He was just 15 when the Second World War started. The following is an extract from his diary at the time, which shows his interest in the events of the war, but also his concern for the family's chickens. It is reproduced with the permission of his surviving sister.

Typewritten poem in sleeve of diary. (he is 15 at time)

The War by C.Buckell

Sometime ago we all very well know
The struggle for freedom started
Several countries have suffered the blow
And many dear friends have parted

Thousands of homes have been shattered
In the lands across the sea
Many people have met their fate
While others have had to flee

But the war is now on our side of the ocean
And the tension to commence anew
But with all our men and arms in motion
We'll certainly see it through

Charlie started working for Netten & Netten 48 High Street Shanklin on September 25th 1939. The family lived in a cottage at Whiteley Bank.

10/5/40 Holland Belgium & Luxemburg invaded
15/5/40 Dutch surrender and battle to take place near Brussels
24/5/40 Germans reach French coast. King broadcasts at 9 pm. Heard chick in shell (the whole diary is full of references to the fact he bought some chicks to rear - this is as important to Charlie as developments in the war)
2/6/40 German plane passed over in the night - was shot down at Ryde.
6/6/40 Had first Air Raid warning
10/6/40 Italy declared war on Allies
13/6/40 Germans near Paris. Paul Reynaud appeals to America.
16/6/40 Situation serious
17/6/40 France surrenders. Jack arrives in England from France.
18/6/40 Hitler & Mussolini meet to decide fate of France. Chicks three weeks old.
22/6/40 Get several air raid warnings. Bombs dropped on Island during the week.
23/6/40 France accepts Hitler's terms for an Armistice.
27/6/40 Bombs dropped on Godshill just after midnight on the 26th.29/6/40 Went to Wootton to see bomb crater. Bought trousers. Get air raid warning practically every night.
3/7/40 Get two air raid warnings. 1 at 9 and 1 at 10.
7/7/40 Get air raid warning at 9am 1:20 pm.
7/7/40 German planes over Island
8/7/40 German planes over in morning, gunfire, no warning. Put chicks in larger run.
11/7/40 Air raid at tea time 5:50 to 6:30 seen plane shot down.
19/7/40 Hitler speech lasting 97 minutes to the Reichstag - the swine.
1/8/40 Got air raid warning in morning.
9/8/40 3 bombs dropped at Rostin Farm.
12/8/40 Get 3 air raids and has a terrific battle over the Island at midday. Bombs (4) dropped at Island View, a Junkers bomber down at Bridgecourt Godshill. Started digging shelter.
13/8/40 Chicks 11 weeks old. Hens laying much better. Continue and try to finish shelter.
14/8/40 Concrete shelter floor.
15/8/40 Continue shelter. Get longest day air raid lasting 24 hours. Use shelter for first time.
16/8/40 Get terrible battle over the Island but cockerel crowed for the first time.
18/8/40 Get air raid in the afternoon. Plane brought down at Cook's Castle.
26/8/40 Get an air raid over the Island in the afternoon. Bombs dropped at Sandown & Lake in the night.
31/8/40 Refugee ship going to Canada with 320 British children torpedoed. Romania ceded territory to Hungary. Don't get so many air raids.
2/9/40 War been on one year. Unrest in Romania about teritory ceded to Hungary.
7/9/40 Air raid during the night and threat of invasion.
8/9/40 London had it's greatest air raid about 400 killed and 1400 seriously wounded.
11/9/40 Mr Churchill spoke at 6 o'clock. Altered fowl run.
14/9/40 Get air raids every night - not so many during the day.
23/9/40 Been at Netten & Netten for a year. Ask for a rise in a week or two.
26/9/40 Went to Chequers to see ME110 brought down in a field during an air battle in the afternoon.
27/9/40 Started making run for cockerels. Bombs dropped on Wroxall.
7/10/40 Gave Glad's kitten to Art Priddle for his sister. Bombs dropped on Borthwood.
17/10/40 Bombs dropped at Sandown during the morning.
27/10/40 Went for a ride with Reg. Bomb dropped at Newchurch.
30/10/40 Bomb dropped at Idelcombe.
6/11/40 Air battle during the afternoon. Our plane down at Hasley, I German in the sea off Luccombe.
7/11/40 Air battle in afternoon. One of our planes made perfect landing on Small Hope Beach.
28/11/40 One of our planes down at Rill Farm. Pilot killed. Longest day raid lasting 3 hours 20 minutes.
30/11/40 Southampton gets worst air raid of the war casualties 370 killed and injured.

Information provided by : Barry Groves, whose wife is Charles Buckell's niece

Charles Buckell

Charles T and Louisa Buckell

Charles Theodore and Louisa Buckell, Charlie's parents

Charles Buckell - with his sisters

Charlie with his five sisters

Charles Buckell - gravestone

Charlie's headstone in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery

Charles Buckell - in memoriam

Charlie is remembered each year at Wroxall War Memorial

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