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Name : William Alfred Barnes

Son of : William Barnes and Mary Jane Barnes (née Spencer) of Northwood, Isle of Wight.
Born 10 August 1886, Parkhurst, Isle of Wight.

Service Details

Sergeant (Observer) 61925 William Alfred Barnes, MSM, Royal Flying Corps

CWGC record ...

Further information

Name appears on Northwood War Memorial and the identical Memorials at Gurnard and Marks Corner

Barnes was serving with 25 Sqn, RFC, flying FE.2b Aircraft. On 13th April 1917 at 18.40 hrs 9 aircraft were sent to bomb Henin-Lietard. The German Jasta pilots were too late to prevent the bombing but an air battle commenced at 19.30 hrs. The FE.2b crews claimed four German Albatros D.III aircraft but lost three FE.2b aircraft in doing so. The German fighter ace von Richthofen shot down the aircraft (serial no 4997) piloted by 2nd Lt A H Bates, with Barnes as Observer. The aircraft crashed at 19.35 hours hitting a house at Noyelles-Godault.

Information provided by John Bloodworth, and the Gurnard and Northwood War Memorial Project


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