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All Saints Ryde Field of Remembrance in 2002

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Biographies D

Pre - World War I

NameAssociated withWar or campaign
Dyer, Henry
GodshillMajuba Hill, South Africa, 1881

World War I

NameName on
County War Memorial
Name on
IW Rifles Memorials
Associated with
Dabell, Bernard
yes Chale
Dale, Robert
yes Arreton
Dashwood, Ronald Phillimore
yes Ryde
Davis, Percy Alfred
yes Ventnor
Davis, Walter Albert William
yes Ventnor
Deacon, George
yes East Cowes
Denham, Charles George
Dennes, (Albert George) Reginald
yes Ventnor
Dennes, Victor
yes Ventnor
Dennett, Douglas Gordon
Dennett, Hugh Baker
Dennis, Albert Alfred Harding
Deptford, Lawrence George
yes (as DEPTFORD, H)  Whitwell
Derry, Richard Courtenay Powell
yes Ventnor, Ryde
Dimmer, Edwin George
Dixon, Arthur Stanley
yes Ventnor
Dore, Harry Edmund
(Dore, Eddie)
yes Ventnor
Dore, Harold Williamyes Newport
Douse, Frederick Charles
yes Shorwell
Downer, Albert Edward
Downer, Ernest Charles
Downer, Leslie Frederick
yes  Mottistone
Downer, Percy
yes Brook / Mottistone
Downer, Robert William
yes Ventnor
Draper, Charles Frederick
yes Arreton
Draper, Charles Gilbert
yes Ventnor
Draper, Frank Henry
yes Ventnor
Drudge, Joseph Frederick
(Quantrill, Joseph Frederick)
Drudge, Theodore Algernon
yes Ventnor
Drudge, William Henry
yes Ventnor
Duff, Robert George Vivian
(Sir Robin Duff, Bt)
yes Bembridge
Dunning, Thomas Adolphus   Godshill, St Lawrence
Dunstan, William George Morris  yesNewport
Dyer, Albert
yes Ventnor
Dyer, Arthur William
yes Ventnor
Dyer, Charles James
yes Ventnor
Dyer, Charles William
yes Newport
Dyer, George Ernest
yes Ryde

World War II

NameAssociated with
Dandy, Gerald Edward Sandown
Darbyshire, Rupert Stanley Bembridge School
Deacon, William Joseph Brading
Dixon, John Arthur Glanville
(Glan Dixon)
Dixon, John Herbert HollingsworthVentnor (survived war)
Doherty, Edmund Brian Ryde School
Dollery, Arthur George Bembridge School
Dormer, Percival Frank Freshwater
Dowling, Lionel George Ventnor
Drew, Peter Edward Seaview
Dudley, Kenneth WoodnuttNewport
Dyer, AdaNewport


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