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In All Saints Churchyard, Godshill, Isle of Wight

Additional inscription on family headstone.


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Further Information
Henry Dyer
The headstone is that of SELAH, WIFE OF ROBERT DYER, who died 18 July 1859 aged 46. She was buried on 21 July 1859.

The additional inscription is for HENRY DYER, Son of the above, killed in the Battle of Majuba Hill, Feb 27th 1881, aged 33.

There appears to be 2 baptismal records for Henry Dyer :

19 Jun 1848, at Carisbrooke, Henry, son of Robert and Selah Dyer
15 Mar 1949, at Shanklin Bible Christian Church, Henry, son of Robert and Selah Dyer.

1851 : Robert and Selah Dyer, with their children including Henry aged 3, are at Whiteley Bank, Newchurch. Robert Dyer is a Labourer.

1861 : not located

1871 : not located

Service and Casualty information :

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