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Name : Ada Dyer (née Butcher)

Daughter of : William Edwin Butcher and Alice Butcher (née Pitt) of Newport.

Born : 1886, Arreton.

Married : 16 Nov 1911, George Henry Williams Dyer, at the United Methodist Church, Newport.
  Census information :

1891 : William and Alice Butcher, with their children including Ada aged 5, are at High Road, Whiteley Bank, Newchurch. William Butcher is an Agricultural labourer.

1901 : William and Alice Butcher, with some of their children (but not Ada), are at West Ashey. William Butcher is a Stockman on farm.

1911 : William and Alice Butcher, with two of their children, including Ada aged 25, are at Avoca, Fairlee Road, Newport. William Butcher is a Fruit Merchant.

Electoral roll information :

1920 - 22 : George and Ada Dyer are at the Pear Tree Dairy, Newport.
1925 : George and Ada Dyer are at 9 Barton Road, Newport.
1929 : George and Ada Dyer are at Loraine, Medina Avenue, Newport.
1933 - 38 : George and Ada Dyer are at 92 Medina Avenue, Newport.
  Casualty Details :

Died : 22 May 1942, aged 56.

Buried at : Newport Cemetery.

CWGC Record
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Ada Dyer is not commemorated on any Isle of Wight Memorials.
  Documents and Newspaper cuttings :


Saturday, November 19, 1911 Page 1

DYER-BUTCHER. - Nov. 16, at the United Methodist Church, Newport, by the Rev. P. Cudmore, George Henry William DYER, eldest son of Henry Dyer, of Southcliff, Sandown, to Ada, second daughter of W.E. Butcher, of Avoca, Fairlee-road, Newport.


Saturday, May 30, 1942 Page 1

DYER. - May 22, at 92 Medina-avenue, Newport, suddenly, Ada, the deeply-loved wife of George H.W. Dyer and second daughter of Mrs. W.E. Butcher, of 94 Medina-avenue, Newport.

Page 6

Home Guard's Bereavement. - Much sympathy is felt with Mr. George H.W. Dyer of 92 Medina-avenue, a coach-builder employed by Messrs. H. Margham and Sons, and a corporal in the Shide Platoon of the Home Guard, in the sudden death of his wife which occurred on Friday week. Mrs. Dyer was the only surviving daughter of the late Mr. W.E. Butcher and Mrs. Butcher, of 94 Medina-avenue. She had shared her husband's interest in the Newport Victoria Sports Club, being a helper with the juvenile dancing classes which were so popular a feature of the club's activities in peacetime, and was held in high esteem by her neighbours for her cheery, helpful ways. Mrs. Dyer had been in poor health for about five years, and a recent disturbing event [*] near her home undoubtedly hastened her death, which was due to a heart attack. The funeral was on Tuesday, the Rev. W.E. Perry officiating at a service in the Quay-street Methodist Church and at the interment at Newport cemetery. The chief mourners were Mr. G.H.W. Dyer (husband), Corpl. R. M. Hollis R.A.F. (nephew), Mr. F. Butcher (brother), Mrs. Pitt, of Portsmouth (aunt), Mesdames A. and F. Butcher (sisters-in-law), Mr. R. and Miss Jean Butcher (nephew and niece), and Mr. and Mrs. (?).A. Orchard, of Sandown (cousins). Neighbours and other friends also attended and the floral tributes included those from neighbours in Medina-avenue; the Shide Platoon, Home Guard; Messrs. H. Margham and Sons; and Mr. Dyer's fellow employees at Messrs. Margham's works. - Mr. Dyer and Mrs. Butcher express their sincere appreciation of the kindness of Dr. A.A. Straton [**] and the police, and thank all friends for their sympathy and floral tributes. Will they please accept this acknowledgement.
  Acknowledgments :

Janet Griffin for newspaper research
  Further information :

[*] Mrs Dyer's death is attributed to enemy action; there were air raids on Newport on 4 May 1942, which is the date recorded, erroneously, for her death by the CWGC.

[**] Dr A.A. Straton, mentioned in the report above, died in the Newport Air Raid of 7 April 1943

Ada's husband was George Henry Williams Dyer. He died in Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton, 15 July 1964 and is also buried in Newport Cemetery. He married as his second wife Hilda May Butcher (née Cross), the widow of Ada's brother Arthur Butcher.
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