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on the Isle of Wight
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All Saints Ryde Field of Remembrance in 2002

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2nd Afghan War 1879

NameAssociated with 
Hennell, James Bruce[Ventnor]Their father retired to Ventnor.
Hennell, William Frederick[Ventnor]Their father retired to Ventnor.

South African War 1899 - 1901

NameName on
South African Memorials
Associated with 
Hurst, George Henry RRydeRydeSurvived, also fought in WW I. Died 1923

World War I

NameName on
County War Memorial
Name on
IW Rifles Memorials
Associated with
Hamilton, Cecil Fife Pryce
(Pryce-Hamilton, Cecil Fife)
yes  Ryde
Harber, Archibald Georgeyes  Ventnor
Harbourne, George Edwardyes  Bonchurch
Harding, Albert Edward Mauriceyes  Ventnor
Hardy, Victor Harriottyes  Sandown
Harley, Walter Harryyes yesNewport
Hartnall, Archibald Johnyes  Ryde
Harvey, Archibald Johnyes Shalfleet
Harvey, Herbert Daniel John  yesVentnor
Hastings, Harold Charles  yesBonchurch
Hawkins, Andrew Arnold    Nitonserved
Hayden, Martin Loudon   Godshill
Hayles, Joseph  yesNewchurch
Hayward, Leonard Daltonyes  Ventnor
Hearn, John Stanleyyes  Niton
Hebbes, Arthur Ernestyes Newport
Hendicott, Reuben Philipyes Newport
Hendy, Percy  Ryde
Hess, Francis Johnyes  Ventnor
Hickens, John (Charlie)yes  Ventnor
Hickens, William yesVentnor
Hinks, Harry yes Newchurch
Hiscock, Walter Edgar   Arreton
Hiscock, William Haroldyes Newport, Arreton
Hitchman, Georgeyes Bonchurch
Hodges, Albertyes Birmingham, Shanklin
Holbrook, George Frederick  yesSandown
Holbrook, Harry Philipyes  Bembridge
Hollis, Charles Octaviusyes  Ventnor
Holmes-Gore, Arthur
see Gore, Arthur Holmes
Hookey, William James  yesArreton
Humber, John James   Arreton
Humber, William Georgeyes Ventnor
Hyland, John Edwardyes  Arreton

World War II

NameAssociated with
Harding, Peter Newchurch
Haire, John KeatingBelfast (Battle of Britain pilot crashed at Arreton)
Harwood, Ernest Shanklinh
Harris, Leslie Lake
Hawkins, George Charles Ventnor
Hawtrey, Roger Shanklin
Hawtrey, Stephen Scott Shanklin
Hayward, Eric George Newport
Hesk, John Sterling Shanklin
Holmes, Clive Douglas Newport


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