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on the Isle of Wight
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All Saints Ryde Field of Remembrance in 2002

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World War I

NameName on
County War Memorial
Name on
IW Rifles Memorials
Associated with
Pakenham, Charles John Wingfieldyes Totland
Pakenham, Robert Edward Michaelyes Totland
Parsons, Cyril Arthuryes Newport
Pascoe, Herbert John  Ventnor
Peach, Fred, snr   Newport (served)
Peach, Fred, jnryes Newport
Peach, Jacobyes Newport
Peach, Percy Cecilyes Cowes
Peck, William Georgeyes Newport
Petchey, Cyril Georgeyes Whitwell
Perkins, William George   Ashey, Ryde
Phillips, Douglas  Newchurch
Phillips, Walter
served as Phillips, Waterford
  Barton and Freshwater
Pidgeon, Frederick yesNewchurch
Pimm, George William   Northwood (served)
Pimm, William John   Niton (served)
Pittis, Charles Seymour yesArreton
Pocock, James Henry (Harry) yesArreton
Porter, Henry John   Newport (served)
Porter, Percy George   Newport (served)
Porter, Sidney Arthur   Newport (served)
Porter, William Arthuryes  Newport
Poulter, James Christopher Wyes  Freshwater
Prentice, Archibald Georgeyes  Shanklin
Pryce-Hamilton, Cecil Fife
(Hamilton, Cecil Fife Pryce)
yes  Ryde
Primmer, Ernest George yesVentnor
Primmer, Henry Georgeyes Ventnor
Prothero, Leonard Henryyes Bonchurch
Pryke, George Henry   Brading
Puckett, George Henryyes Newport, Norbiton
Punch, James yesArreton
Purnell, Arthur Channingyes   Ryde
Purnell, Stanleyyes   Ryde
Puzey, Arthur Kenneth  Arreton

World War II

NameAssociated with
Paffett, William Henry Ventnor
Parkes, Henry Watton Bembridge School
Payne, Frank Stubbington Shanklin
Percy, Alistair Charles JocelynBembridge School
Petty, Roy CharlesSeaview
Phillips, James William BristoweSandown
Phillips, Maria TheresaVentnor
Phillips, Pamela RuthVentnor
Phillips, William ArthurVentnor
Polák, Hanuš Bembridge School (Czechoslovak national)
Pratt, Frank EdwardBembridge School
Price, John EwartBonchurch
Prouten, KennethLake


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