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Unknown person Name : Porter brothers

Sons of : Henry Porter and Nellie Porter (née Ashwin), of Newport, Isle of Wight.

Henry John Porter : Born : 19 Aug 1890, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Percy George Porter : Born : 1892, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Sidney Arthur Porter : Born : 30 Aug 1894, Newport, Isle of Wight.

William Arthur Porter : Born : 1896, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Harold Stanley Porter : Born : 19 Aug 1901, Newport, Isle of Wight.

  Census information :

1901 : The family are at 23 Chapel Street, Newport, Isle of Wight. Henry Porter is a Tailor.

1911 : The family are at 23 Chapel Street, Newport, Isle of Wight. Henry Porter is a Tailor; Henry John Porter is a Miller (Flour Mill); Percy Porter is a Tailor's Apprentice; Sidney is a Hairdresser's Apprentice; [William] Arthur is a Hair & Shaving Saloon Lather Boy; Harold is at school.

  Service Details :

Henry John Porter : Sjt. : regiment unknown, possibly Royal Field Artillery.

Percy George Porter : Gnr. : regiment unknown, possibly Royal Field Artillery.

Sidney Arthur Porter : Pte 1971, later 330547, 2nd Bn., Hampshire Regiment

William Arthur Porter : Corpl. 855330, 1/5th Hants Howitzer Bty., Royal Field Artillery

Harold Stanley Porter : apparently undergoing training in 1916.

Casualty Details : William Arthur Porter was the only brother to die in WW I.

Died : 25 Nov 1916, aged 20.

Commemorated at : Angora Memorial, Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq.

CWGC Record

Deaths of other brothers :

Henry John Porter : Sep 1969, Newport, Isle of Wight

Percy George Porter : 1970, Newport, Isle of Wight

Sidney Arthur Porter : 1 Oct 1973, Newport, Isle of Wight

Harold Stanley Porter : 1978, Newport, Isle of Wight

  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Carisbrooke Castle County War Memorial Panel 09 (as PORTER W and PORTER W A) *
Freshwater Memorial Hall 5th Hants Howitzers Memorial (as CPL. W. PORTER)
Newport Borough War Memorial WW I Panel 2 (as W PORTER and W A PORTER) *
Newport Congregational Church War Memorial WW I (as A PORTER)
Newport Drill Hall 5th Hants Howitzers Memorial (as CPL. W. PORTER)
Newport St John's Church Parish War Memorial (as A PORTER and W PORTER) *

Newport St John's Church Men's Bible Class War Memorial
[Pte S.A. Porter, Gnr. P.G. Porter]

* It is not clear whether the dual entries for W A PORTER refer to the same person; there seems to be no other candidates for the entries other than for William Arthur Porter, who also appears to have been known as just Arthur Porter.
  Documents and Newspaper cuttings :

Isle of Wight County Press 13 May 1916

Isle of Wight County Press 6 Oct 1973

Isle of Wight County Press 11 Aug 2000

The fate of one of their prisoners, Rfn Sidney Porter of Newport became the stuff of legend. Already seriously wounded, he was lying face down trying to feign death when the Turkish counter attack swept over him. His act did not convince one Turk who kicked him viciously in the ribs, and then shot him through his neck, before stripping him for loot. He then departed by giving him another vicious kick in the ribs. Lapsing into unconsciousness due to blood loss, when Rfn Porter did come around again he attempted to raise himself up on his elbows. This attracted the attention of another Turk, who then bayoneted him in the face, body and limbs more than a dozen times. Once again he slipped into unconsciousness. When he revived again, he was alarmed to discover he was now lying amongst a group of corpses awaiting burial, and the Turks were digging his grave. One of the Turkish grave diggers came over and bashed him about the head with his spade causing several gashes, and another period of unconsciousness. Still refusing to die Rfn Porter regained his senses yet again, this time to be discovered by a more compassionate Turk who gave him water, and ensured he was recovered by the stretcher bearers. Rfn Porter was evacuated by hospital ship to Istanbul, where he spent six months in hospital.

from Sprack, G. (2014), At the Trail : Isle of Wight Rifles 1908-1920, Cross Publishing, Chale.
  Acknowledgments :

Gareth Sprack for Isle of Wight Rifles historical information (Sidney Arthur Porter).
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