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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
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In Freshwater, Isle of Wight

Freshwater : War memorial
War Memorial

Freshwater : Tennyson bust
Tennyson bust

Freshwater : E.L.M. memorial
E.L.M. memorial

Freshwater : Hooke memorial
Hooke memorial

War Memorials :

Parish War Memorial

Memorials in All Saints Church :

Capt. A Aubrey Tennyson
S/Lt. Harold C Tennyson
Rae Brothers memorial

Memorial in St Agnes' Church :

Cpl. F Bygott

Memorial (now believed lost) in the former St Andrew's Church, Norton :

2nd-Lt George Frederick Cottrell

Memorial at Freshwater Bay :

J C Dundas Memorial (killed in action 1940 during Battle of Britain)

Memorials in or near Freshwater town :

War Memorial Nursing Home
War Memorial Bungalows
Freshwater Memorial Hall
which contains the
1/5th Hants Howitzers Memorial
1st Freshwater Scouts Roll of Honour (at Totland Bowling Club)
O'Conor memorial bench (including R O'Conor, died in action 1941)

Related Memorials :

Freshwater Cemetery (All Saints Churchyard) Great War burials
Freshwater Cemetery (All Saints Churchyard) World War II burials

Other Memorials :

Julia Margaret Cameron (Dimbola Lodge)
Jimi Hendrix (Dimbola Lodge)
Robert Hooke Memorial
E.L.M. Memorial
Freshwater Cemetery : Memorial tree to Lord Mountbatten
Tennyson Monument
All Saints Church : Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Freshwater : Nursing Institute
Nursing Institute

Freshwater : War Memorial Bungalows
War Memorial Bungalows

Freshwater : J C Dundas Memorial
J C Dundas Memorial

Freshwater : O'Conor Memorial
O'Conor Memorial

Freshwater : Scouts Roll of Honour
1st Freshwater Scouts Roll of Honour


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