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on the Isle of Wight
- Freshwater -
- Freshwater and Totland Nurses Institute War Memorial -


In Princes Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight
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IWM War Memorials Archive Record

Link : War Memorials Archive Reference 40760

The institute was designed as a joint memorial for Freshwater and Totland, and was opened on 11 November 1921. The building provided a house for the district nurse, with 3 beds for emergency use. Although no names are given, there is a note in the records that "Mr G.H.P. Duncan also gave 100 for a clinic in memory of his son". This is Flt S/Lt David A Duncan, RN, also commemorated at Freshwater and the County War Memorial.

The original stone plaque has now weathered so much that no wording is legible.

The building is still in use by the local NHS Ambulance Trust.


Freshwater and Totland Nursing Institute
Freshwater and Totland Nursing Institute

WAR MEMORIAL 1914 - 1918

Further Information

Flt S/Lt David A Duncan, RN, son of Mr. G. H. P. Duncan and Mrs. H. R. Duncan, of 12, Kensington Court, London.

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