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Totland Bay Bowling Club Hut, The Broadway, Totland Bay, Isle of Wight, PO39 0AT.
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IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Memorial is not yet listed by the War Memorials Archive


Roll of Honour to Freshwater Scouts who served and died in World War I. It consists of a large painted panel showing scenes from the war, with a manuscript panel listing those who served. Those who died are marked R.I.P.

[The Memorial has not been visited by the Memorials on the Isle of Wight team - thanks to Ray Harrington-Vail for the image]

Freshwater Scout Troop Great War
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Record of Honour

of members the 1st Freshwater troop of the
Boy Scouts Association
who have served in His Majesty's Forces during the War.

NameScout RankUnit / Regt.Links
Sir Henry EarlePatron
C .B. GoodS.M.Major H.Y.
W. AdamsA.S.M.Hants R.E.
H. StuartA.S.M.R.A.M.C.
J. ArnoldA.S.M.Canadians
J. MeaderP.L.5th Howitzers
J. SmithP.L.R.G.A.
C. MeaderP.L.Hants R.E.
M. BastianiP.L.1/5th Howitzers
H. PineScoutR.G.A.
A. MedwayP.L.Bedford Reg.
N. MedwaySec.Hants R.E.
H. CottonSct.5th Howitzers
B. NewlandsScoutR.N.R.
G. AdamsP.L.5th Howitzers
O. PayneSec.R.G.A.
W. KellyScoutR.G.A.
S. SmithP.L.R.E.
F. ClarkScoutR.F.A.
W. MortimerSct.Hants Reg R.E.
B. AndrewsScoutR.E.
A. WhiteScoutR.E.
H. BaileyP.L.R.G.A.
F. CracknellScoutR.G.A.
S. RussellP.L.R.G.A.R.I.P. CWGC record ...
D. DiffeyP.L.Lond. Reg.R.I.P. CWGC record ...
A. BanhamP.L.R.E.
F. ClarkScoutR.F.A.
W. WadhamScoutR.F.A.
C. GrovesP.L.5th Howitzers
B. NelsonS.M.R.G.A.
C. CracknellScoutR.G.A.
F. UrryP.L.City of Lond. Reg. R.I.P. CWGC record ...
A. MitchealScoutR.I.P. No CWGC record Biographical information
O. HoldawayScout
F. HindsSec.
T. ScovellP.L.
T. DownerP.L.
P. YoungP.L.R.A.F.
C. CoateP.L.R.N.R.
R. GregoryScout
W. StillwellR.A.F.
R. BrownSec.
C. LyonsSec.Cowes
J. CookTroop LeaderHants
C. HallTroop LeaderHants
J. DrudgeP.L.Cowes
B. RobinsonP.L.Cowes
T. PastorelliHon. S.M.R.A.F.
A.H. HopkinsM.D. Scout Friend
Capt. Hammond-GraemeFriend
Sister F. AstburyScout Friend
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