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Formerly in Lowtherville School, Ventnor. Present location, if it exists, is unknown.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Memorial is not recorded by the IWM War Memorials Archive.
Description and history

A Roll of Honour compiled by Mrs Baker (wife of the headmaster of the Lowtherville Day Schools) and Mrs C. Godsell. Known only from contemporary reports.

See also the Memorial Scroll recording the Gifts to the Church in memory of deceased family members, which includes wartime casualties from both World Wars of the 20th Century.

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Names recorded of those who died
Eddie Dore CWGC record ... Biographical information
William Drudge CWGC record ... Biographical information
Charles Glaire CWGC record ... Biographical information
Buried in Ventnor Cemetery
Archie Harber CWGC record ... Biographical information
Buried in Ventnor Cemetery
Eynon Jones CWGC record ... Biographical information
Plymouth Naval Memorial panel (photo on Flickr)
Joseph Malcolmson CWGC record ... Buried in Ventnor Cemetery
Biographical information
Tom Rayner CWGC record ... Biographical information
Frederick Wilson Russell CWGC record ... Biographical information
Philip Alfred Russell CWGC record ... Biographical information
Albert Henry Edmund Scovell CWGC record ... Buried in Ventnor Cemetery
Biographical information
Wilfred Alban Scovell CWGC record ... Biographical information
William Thomas Smith CWGC record ... Biographical information
Frank Symmans CWGC record ... Biographical information
Frederick Symmans CWGC record ... Biographical information
Beverley Ussher CWGC record ... Biographical information
Stephen Ussher CWGC record ... Biographical information
Edgar Westmore CWGC record ... Biographical information

Documents and newspaper cuttings :


Friday, May 7, 1915 Page 3

Lowtherville Roll of Honour
We are able to print this week the following list of old boys of the Lowtherville Day Schools who are serving King and country in various branches of His Majesty's service. It forms a remarkable record, and one that demonstrates the intense patriotism of this small district. The list comprises the names of 134 old boys of Lowtherville School, and to make it more complete the names are added of old residents of Lowtherville who are on Government service. The whole thing is a tribute to the singular industry and care which Mrs. Baker (wife of Mr. Fredrick Baker, J.P.) has devoted to its preparation. It has proved the work of months. Mrs. Baker was for 18 years Head Mistress of the Lowtherville School, and will be remembered by her old boys for the kindly and sympathetic as well as efficient manner in which she discharged her duties. She was, as we heard one of the parents remark the other day, a "mother" to all the boys. Mrs. Baker was materially assisted in the compilation of the record by Mrs. C. Godsell, who was for several years a teacher in the schools, and whose work there is still pleasantly remembered. We question if any district of the same area in the country can show such a proud record as this. The list will be eventually printed as a permanent record and hung in the school.
In several instances the names are bracketed to show that they are all members of the same family.
The letters "H.M.T.S." denote His Majesty's Transport Ship, and "H.M.A.S." His Majesty's Australian Ship.


1 Wilfred Allen, Army Service Corps.
2 (Bernard Ayres, 1st Hants.
3 (George Ayres, H.M.A.S. Encounter.
4 Albert Bannister, Aerial Mechanic, H.M.S. Empress.
5 (Frederick Bannister, 4th Hants R.F.A.
6 (Walter Bannister, 4th Hants R.F.A.
7 (Arthur Bannister, 55th Co. R.F.A.
8 (William Beavis, 22nd Batt. R.F.A.
9 (Roland Beavis, 5th Dragoon Guards.
10 (Adolphus R. Beavis, E. Batt. R.H.A. (wounded at Messines, Dec. 12, 1914)
11 Hector Beavis, H.M.T.S. Braemar Castle.
12 Woodford Blythe, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
13 Edward Blake, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
14 Augustus Blake, Portsmouth Batt. Hants Regt.
15 Robin N. Butt, Portsmouth Batt. Hants Regt.
16 Thomas Burden, National Reserves.
17 George Bull, R.H.A.
18 (Bonsor Bull, H.M.S. Hazard.
19 (William Bull, Naval Reserves.
20 (George Bull, H.M.S. Superb.
21 (Alfred Bull, sen., R.F.A. (Regular).
22 (Thomas Bull, H.M.A.S. Australia.
23 (Alfred Bull, jun., R.F.A. (Territorials).
24 (Oscar Channing, 4th Hants R.F.A.
25 (Percy Channing, R.G.A., India.
26 (Vincent Channing, Royal Marines, H.M.S. Birmingham.
27 (Lewin Channing, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
28 (Edward Colenutt, drowned in the sinking of H.M.S. Aboukir.
29 (Alfred Colenutt, H.M.S. Superb.
30 (Charles Colenutt, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
31 Ernest P. Coleman, Royal Engineers.
32 (Alfred Colenutt, 13th Hussars.
33 (George Colenutt, H.M.S. Crescent.
34 (Ernest Colenutt, National Reserves.
35 (Walter Colenutt, F Coy., 8th Hants, I.W. Rifles.
36 (Reuben Colenutt, H.M.S. Assistance.
37 (Harry Creese, Armoured Merchant Cruiser "Montague."
38 (Charles Creese, H.M.S. Hermione.
39 William Croad, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
40 Bert Dallimore, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles F Coy.
41 Richard Denham, R.M.A., H.M.S. Marlborough.
42 Henry Deighton, H.M.S. Viking.
43 (James Downer, H.M.S. Minotaur.
44 (Robert Downer, 4th Hants R.F.A.
45 Charles Dore, 7th Royal Sussex Regt.
46 (Charles Drudge, 4th Hants R.F.A.
47 (William Drudge, 8th Royal Scots.
48 Benjamin Drudge, 63rd Batt. R.F.A.
49 John Edwards, National Reserves.
50 James Gallop, 1st Hants Regt.
51 George Gatrell, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
52 (George Glaire, National Reserves.
53 (Charles Glaire, 1st Batt Hants. (Died at Haslar Oct. 10th, 1914, from wounds received in the Battle of the Marne, September, 1914)
54 (Adolphus Glaire, 5th Dragoon Guards.
55 William Godsell, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
56 (William Grant, H.M.S. Zealandia.
57 (Ernest Grant, 4th Hants, R.F.A.
58 (Albert Grant, Volunteer Training Corps.
59 George Grover, Portsmouth Batt Hants Regt.
60 Reginald Frank Guy, Army Service Corps.
61 Charles Frank Guy, 4th Hants R.F.A.
62 (Herbert Harvey, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
63 (Cecil Harvey, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
64 William H. Hayles, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
65 (Ernest Harber, National Reserves.
66 (Charles Harber, Royal Marines, H.M.S. Cochrane.
67 (Archibald Harber, 4th Hants R.F.A.
68 Albert Harding, H.M.S. Wizard.
69 William Heal, Army Service Corps.
70 Richard Heal, 4th Hants R.F.A.
71 (Charles Honeybourne, R.G.A.
72 (Alfred Honeybourne, H.M.S. Dido.
73 (William Honeybourne, R.G.A.
74 (Arthur Honeybourne, 4th Hants R.F.A.
75 Percy Hobbs, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
76 Roland Jackman, Mounted Military Police.
77 (Charles Kingswell, H.M.S. Iron Duke.
78 (Harold Kingswell, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
79 Charles Lacey, H.M. Transport Service.
80 Frank W. Lewis, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
81 Cecil Marsh, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
82 (John Mackett, H.M.S. Hampshire (invalided).
83 (Robert Mackett, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
84 George Matthews, 2nd Hants.
85 (William Milligan, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
86 (James Milligan, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
87 (Harold Milligan, Portsmouth Batt, Hants Regt.
88 Walter Milligan, 6th Batt. Dorsetshire Regt.
89 James Milligan, Volunteer Training Corps.
90 Frank Morris, R.G.A.
91 William Morris, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
92 Edward Morris, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifle.
93 Charles A. Newbery, 4th Hants R.F.A.
94 Arthur Newbery, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles
95 Gilbert F. Newland, Surrey Yeomanry.
96 Harold G. Peddar, 4th Hants R.F.A.
97 (George Pilcher, H.M.S. Queen Mary.
98 (Walter Pilcher, H.M.S. Desperate.
99 Frederick Plumbley, The Buffs.
100 Arthur Reed, 7th Hussars.
101 (Robert W. Russell, The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.
102 (Charlie Russell, Army Service Corps.
103 William H. Russell, 4th Hants R.F.A.
104 William H. Russell, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
105 (Sydney Russell, 7th Batt. Rifle Brigade.
106 (Philip Russell, 7th Batt. Rifle Brigade.
107 (James Salter, 1st Hants.
108 (Albert Salter, R.F.A,
109 (Albert V. Salter, F Co. 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
110 Edward Scovell, 4th Hants, R.F.A.
111 Charles Seaman, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
112 Edward Sibbick, 4th Hants R.F.A.
113 Frederick Stagg, F Coy., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
114 Percy Stacey, 4th Hants I.W. Rifles.
115 Arthur Sheath, H.M.S. Superb.
116 Kenneth Snow, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
117 (Frederick Symmans, (Drowned at the sinking of H.M.S. Aboukir).
118 (Harry Symmans, H.M.S. Princess Royal.
119 (Frank Symmans, 4th Hants R.F.A.
120 (Septimus Symmans, Ammunition Column (1st Section).
121 (Arthur Symmans, Ammunition Column (2nd Section).
122 (Reuben Symmans, 4th Hants R.F.A.
123 Woodman Taylor, Portsmouth Batt. Hants Regt.
124 Edwin Thorogood, 2nd Royal Fusiliers.
125 (Robert James Tharle, H.M.S. Zealandia.
126 (George Tharle, 1st Hants (twice wounded).
127 (John Tharle, R.G.A.
128 George V. Urry, Mine Sweeper, Steam Trawler "Ontario".
129 Nelson Vanassche, 4th Hants R.F.A.
130 Charles Wheeler, Canadian Contingent.
131 Arthur Wheeler, Drill instructor.
132 (Arthur Wightman, National Reserves.
133 (Richard Wightman, 1st Life Guards.
134 Percy Windebank, 2nd Hants (wounded at Ypres, December 28th, 1914).


1 (Arthur Arnold, National Reserves.
2 (Charles Arnold, 4th Hants R.F.A.
3 (George Bush, H.M.S. Dido.
4 (Edward Bush, H.M.S. Vindictive.
5 (John Bush, 14th Hussars.
6 (Francis Bush, 14th Hussars.
7 Frank Beavis, National Reserves.
8 William Cass, 4th Hants R.F.A.
9 William Clarkson, National Reserves.
10 Harry Cook, Volunteer Training Corps.
11 Daniel Creese, H.M.S. Hyacinth.
12 Harry Cullens, 4th Hants R.F.A.
13 Percy Davis, 4th Hants R.F.A.
14 William E. Dilke, C Batt., R.F.A. (Regulars).
15 Harry E. Dore, 2nd Hants.
16 William Edwards, 61st Co., R.G.A.
17 Ralph Fleming, National Reserve.
18 William Griffiths, 4th Hants R.F.A.
19 Ernest Gray, H.M.S. Zealandia.
20 (George Hatcher, 4th Hants R.F.A.
21 (Francis Hatcher, 8th Hants, I.W. Rifles.
22 (Alfred Jefferies, 4th Hants R.F.A.
23 (Frank Jefferies, 4th Hants R.F.A.
24 Charles Kemp, National Reserves.
25 Herbert Kitson, 8th Hants, I.W. Rifles.
26 Arthur E. Lake, 4th Hants R.F.A.
27 Charles Linington, 3rd Hants R.F.A.
28 William Pitts, Army Service Corps.
29 Charles Ridges (killed in action).
30 Edgar H. Russell, R.M.L.I.
31 Alfred Roach, 3rd Army Corps.
32 William Sampson, H.M.A.S. Australia.
33 Arthur Saunders, National Reserves.
34 Walter Scott, Northumberland Fusiliers.
35 Ernest Skates, Volunteer Training Corps.
36 Harry Skates, 4th Hants R.F.A.
37 William Smith, National Reserves.
38 William Smith (killed in action).
39 Sidney Stevens, 1st Naval Brigade (Interned in Holland).
40 Arthur Smith, National Reserves.
41 Louis Vanassche, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
42 (Frederick Westmore, 4th Hants R.F.A.
43 (Edgar Westmore, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
44 (Sidney Welch, 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
45 (Leonard Welch, H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth.
46 Arthur Wheeler, R.F.A. (Regulars), (Injured in accident).
47 George Woods, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
48 Edwin Woods, 4th Hants R.F.A.
49 (George Worth, H.M.S. Queen Mary.
50 (John Worth, Naval Barracks.
51 (William Wyke, 1st Hants R.F.A.
52 (Charles Wyke, 4th Hants R.F.A.
53 (Leonard Young, F Co., 8th Hants I.W. Rifles.
54 (Harold Young, Royal Engineers.


Friday, November 15, 1918 Page 1

We publish a list of names of those men of Lowtherville who have made the great sacrifice in the war. The number is thirty and it is feared this may not be an absolutely complete list. The patriotism of this little area has been an inspiring example during the war. At the schoolroom there is a list of nearly three hundred men of the district and boys of the school who have enlisted in the various services. It has been kept up to date and revised by Mrs. Baker, wife of Mr. Alderman Baker. The word "wounded" appears opposite a large number of names and there are several "mentions". Those who have been killed in action, died of wounds or at sea, are as follows,

Hector Beavis (drowned)
Edward Colenutt
Percy Channing
William Drudge
Theodore Drudge
Charles Glaire
George Glaire
Percy Gatrell
William Godsell
Herbert Harvey (missing at Gallipoli)
Archibald G. Harber (died of sickness)
Charles Ridges
George Matthews
Frederick Milligan
George Pilcher [*]
Phillip Russell
Frederick W. Russell
James Salter
Albert V. Salter (died of wounds)
Frederick Symmans
Frank Symmans
Robert G. Tharle
George Tharle (five times wounded)
James Taylor
William Smith
Edward Bush
Percy Davis
Harry E. Dore
Thomas Rayner
Edgar Westmore

[*] George Pilcher is not otherwise commemorated on any Island War Memorials.


Thanks to Janet Griffin for the newspaper transcriptions

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