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Unknown person Name : Philip Alfred Russell and Frederick Wilson Russell.

Sons of Frank Russell, of 2, Norwich Villas, Great Preston Rd., Ryde. (formerly of Ventnor).

Their mother, Frances Russell (née Coleman) died in 1903.

Philip Alfred Russell : born 19 December 1877, Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
Frederick Wilson Russell : Born 1st June 1887, Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

Philip Alfred Russell married, in 1902, Agnes Evelyn Wellard (registered Mar 1902 quarter, Wandsworth). Children : Phyllis Agnes, born 1902; Frank Henry, born 1911; Herbert, born 1914.
  Census Information :

1881 : Frank and Fanny Russell, with their children including Philip aged 2, are at 7, Down View, Ventnor. Frank Russell is a Gardener.

1891 : Frank and Fanny Russell, with their children including Philip aged 12 and Frederick aged 3, are at 7, Park View Villas, Gills Cliff Road, Ventnor. Frank Russell is a Gardener (domestic).

1901 : Frank and Frances Russell, with their children including Frederick aged 13, are at 13, Gills Cliff Road, Park View, Ventnor. Frank Russell is a Gardener (domestic).

1911 : Philip and Agnes Russell, with their children, are at 64 Ravenswood Road, Balham, London. Philip Russell is a House Painter.

1911 : Frederick Russell, aged 23, is a Boarder with the Benning family at 15 Missenden Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. He is an Ironmonger's assistant.

  Service details : Philip Alfred Russell

Boy 2nd Class 354302 Philip Alfred Russell, Royal Navy.

Enlisted in 1895 in the Royal Navy when he was 5ft 4 in tall, with a fresh complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. He gave his occupation as Waiter.
Served with HMS Forte and HMS Hawke, and was discharged by the Royal Navy on 25 May 1898 as "services no longer required".

Rifleman B/263 Philip Alfred Russell, 7th Bn. Rifle Brigade.

Entered active service in France in May 1915.

Service details : Frederick Wilson Russell

Lance Corporal PO/1481(S) Frederick Wilson Russell, 1st R.M. Bn. R.N. Div., Royal Marine Light Infantry.

Frederick Wilson Russell enlisted for service in London on 3rd March 1916. He was 5 ft 6 1/4 in tall, with fair complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. He had a scar on his left knee. He gave his trade as ironmonger.

  Casualty Details : Philip Alfred Russell

Died : 29th August 1916 aged 38

Buried at : St Sever Cemetery, Rouen, France.

CWGC record ...

Casualty Details : Frederick Wilson Russell

Died : 25th August 1918 aged 31

Commemorated at : Vis-en-Artois Memorial, Pas de Calais, France.

CWGC record ...
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Ventnor War Memorial
Ventnor St Alban's Church Roll of Honour
County War Memorial, Carisbrooke Castle (RUSSELL F)

  Documents :


Friday, September 1, 1916 Page 1

Private Philip Russell, Rifle Brigade, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Russell, Park View Villas, has been wounded in the face and shoulder in entering a German trench, and is in hospital in France. His brother Sydney, who is in the same company, has been promoted to sergeant.

Page 5

Ventnor Man Dies of Wounds.

Information was received this morning that Rifleman Philip Russell, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Russell, of 13, Park View Villas, died on August 29th, in a hospital in France, from wounds received in action at Delville Wood recently. He was 37 years of age, and joined the Rifle Brigade on the outbreak of war. In his younger days, Rifleman Russell had a somewhat romantic career, and visited many parts of the world. Leaving Ventnor, where he had been in the service of Bush and Judd, he joined the Navy, and was present on H.M.S. Forte throughout the Benin Expedition. He left the Navy and settled down in London, where he was in the employ of Messrs. Waring and Gillow, and had charge of important work in the provinces just before the war. A man of strong imagination, his natural interest in affairs was enhanced by his travels and through his own energy and perseverance he became exceedingly well informed, and was a speaker of above the average order. He leaves a widow and three children.

His brother, Sergeant Sidney Russell, has been in the same trench with him for several months. Mr. and Mrs. F. Russell have two other sons in H.M. Forces.


Friday, September 1, 1916 Page 5

RUSSELL. - On August 29th, from wounds received in action at Delville Wood, Rifleman Philip Russell, Rifle Brigade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russell, Ventnor, aged 37.


Friday, September 8, 1916 Page 4

Ventnor Tribunal
The Chairman said before proceeding with the business he would like to propose a vote of condolence with one of their members, Mr. Martin Draper, in the sad loss he had sustained by the death of his youngest son, Sapper Charles Draper, at the front. He was sure that the members of the Tribunal were extremely sorry to hear of it, and that they would wish an expression of their regret to be recorded. Mr. Draper was a promising young man, and one who was thought a great deal of in Ventnor, and in the regiment in which he served.
The vote was carried in silence.
Colonel Guild said he desired to associate himself as military representative with all the Chairman had said regarding Mr. Draper, and to express sympathy with the family. He would also like with the permission of the Chairman to ask the tribunal to express condolence at the same time with the family of Rifleman Philip Russell, who fell in France. He was a brother of Mr. B.W. Russell, a member of the Advisory Committee, and his parents were respected inhabitants of Ventnor. He was sorry to say that Rifleman Russell left a widow and three children.
The vote was likewise carried in silence.

(not all the report has been transcribed)


Friday, September 22, 1916 Page 1

Privates L.G. Flux and Francis, who were in the Capital and Counties Bank at Ventnor at the outbreak of war, have both been wounded. Private Flux is in the Sportsmen's Battalion, and is in hospital in France. Private Francis is in a home hospital. Sergt. S. Russell, Rifle Brigade, whose brother was killed recently, is in hospital at Amiens.


Friday, August 24, 1917 Page 2

IN MEMORIAM To the beloved memory of Pte. Philip Russell (Rifle Brigade), of Ventnor, died on August 29th, 1916, from wounds received in action at Delville-Wood.


Friday, September 13, 1918 Page 3

Official news is to hand that Lance-Corpl. Fredk. Wilson Russell, R.M.L.I., has been killed in action in the advance of the Naval Division in France on August 25th. He went to France in 1916 and was home on sick leave last year. Known amongst his friends at Ventnor as "Sammy." Lce.-Corpl. Russell was a very popular lad. He worked for many years at Messrs. Pearson's ironmongers. He was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russell, formerly of Park View Villas. His brother Philip was killed in action at Delville Wood in August, 1916. As a choirboy and afterwards server, he had a long association with St. Alban's Church. Before enlisting he worked at Chesham, Buckinghamshire, and a paper published in that town contained the following note: - His many friends will be extremely sorry to hear that "Fred" Russell has passed over to the great unknown. The news was conveyed to his Chesham friends by another local soldier (Wilkinson) whom deceased had befriended. It appears that on Sunday week, when his company went over the top, "Fred" was shot and the injury proved fatal. Deceased had been with the forces about two and a half years. He joined up with the Royal Marines Light Infantry and in the course of the period named had seen some arduous times. During the period he was in Chesham (from four to five years as assistant to Messrs. Wallace, ironmongers) he made many friends and proved a genial and good-hearted companion. Many will regret his loss and all will sympathise with his Chesham friends, who will feel that loss so keenly.


Friday, October 18, 1918 Page 3

Ventnor District Council.
When the Councillors had taken their seats, the Chairman said: Before we begin the business, gentlemen, I have to call your attention to the death of the son of Mr. Martin Draper, who was missing on the 22nd March and has since been reported as having died and been buried in the enemy's country. We have also heard with regret of the death of Lieut. Edward Clayton, son of the Rev. A.P. and Mrs. Clayton, who you will remember was reported wounded and in hospital in Germany and has since been reported as having died. I am sure we shall extend to them our very sincere sympathy in their great trouble. First in the terrible anxiety when their children were reported missing and then when the sad news was received that they were dead. I have further to ask you to record your sympathy with the relatives of Pte. Percy Gatrell, of Upper Ventnor, who was killed in action. He was 20 years of age and worked as a gardener at Winterbourne. We regret also to hear that Pte. Harold Smith, grandson of Mrs. Smith, Ocean View, has been killed in France, and I am sure we regret to hear that the brother of Mr. Russell, editor of the I.W. Mercury [1], has also paid the great sacrifice. At a time like this when the possibility of peace is before us, we feel more keenly how sad it is that the war should go on and that these daily losses should occur. But of course we are all desirous of ending the war to make a just and proper protection to all people in Europe and elsewhere and, therefore, however sad and however casual it may be to the nation, I am sure we shall all feel that for the sake of those who have paid the great sacrifice it is our duty to persevere and accomplish what we have set our hands to do. (Hear, hear).
A letter was read from Mrs. L. Benham thanking the Council for their sympathy in the loss of her husband.
(not all the report has been transcribed)

[1] All the editions of the IW Mercury of this date carry the statement - Printed and Published by the Proprietor, BARTON Wm. RUSSELL, 33, Pier-st., Ventnor. He was the older brother of Frederick Wilson RUSSELL.
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