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In St Alban's Church, Ventnor, PO38 1DE.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Memorial is not recorded by the IWM War Memorials Archive.
Historic England Listing Status

Ventnor St Alban's Church is not Listed.
Description and history

A manuscript illuminated scroll recording Gifts to the Church in memory of deceased family members, which includes wartime casualties from both World Wars of the 20th Century.

See also the War Memorial Scroll recording the names of those who fell in the Great War.

Ventnor St Alban's Church
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that the following Gifts have been made to this Church
to the Glory of God for the adornment of His House &
in pious memory of some of His servants & handmaids
who have gone before us with the Sign of Faith & now
rest in the Sleep of Peace

The High Altar In memory of the four Sons of Richard Ussher first Priest of this Church
Robert Arland Ussher, Secret Service, Died at Oxford † Beverly Ussher, Capt. Leinster Regiment
Killed at Gallipoli † Stephen Ussher, Capt. 129th Baluchis, Killed at Givenchy † Richard Ussher
Lt. Com. R.N. D.S.O. died at Ventnor † during the Great War 1914-1918. Subscribed for by their friends.
The Reredos In Memory of A.F. Reginald Clarke Croix de Guerre Belge, Staff Sergt. RAMC
died from disease contracted in the war 16. VII. 1919 † Given by his parents.
The Crucifix In Memory of C. Harry Hunt Castle, Capt. Gloster Regt, died of wounds 30.X.18
† Given by his brother Graham H. Castle M.A. Priest of this Church 1921-1925.
The Candlesticks In memory of Mary Lucy Jolliffe, died 24.VI.06 † Given by her daughter Innell Jolliffe.
The Altar of Our Lady & its Reredos In memory of Mary Fraser. Given by her husband
Edward Fraser.
The 5th Station of the Cross In memory of William Kemp, successively Server, Sacristan
and Churchwarden of this Church, died 1.VIII.25 † Given by his friends at S. Albans.
The 6th Station of the Cross In memory of Charles Albert Harber,[1] Verger of this Church
1885-1922 died 16.II.22 † Given by his friends at S. Albans.
The Warning Bell In memory of Colin Bartlett, died 8.X.22 † Given by his widow.
The Memorial For those who fell in the 1914-1918 War was given by Major
& Mrs Raeburn in memory of their son James Wyllie Raeburn, Killed † 24.VIII.18
The Plaque On the Lady Altar was given by the Parishioners and dedicated
by the Right Rev A.B.L. Karney on 21.4.48 in memory of those who fell in the 1939-45 War
Norman G Bridges; Robin Kemp; Jack Tarrant; Henry Underwood; Charles H Waller; Jeffrey Webber.
The Canopy over the statue of Our Lady was given my Mrs A V Saunders in memory of her
relations Mary S Deighton died 12.XII.09 † Henry Deighton died 28.I.22 † William Augustus
Deighton died 9.XI.37 † Ann Jane Deighton died [.. .. ..] †

[1] Charles Albert Harber was the father of Archibald George Harber who died during the Great War.
Names recorded (wartime casualties - WW I and post WW I)
Beverly Ussher CWGC record ... Biographical information
Stephen Ussher CWGC record ... Biographical information
Robert Arland Ussher No CWGC record ... Biographical information
Richard Ussher No CWGC record ... Biographical information
Alfred Frank Reginald Clarke No CWGC record ... S/Sgt 31005 A F R Clarke, R.A.M.C. born 1895 in Christchurch, died 16 July 1919 in Christchurch, aged 23.
Cottam Harry Hunt Castle CWGC record ... Capt C C H Castle, 6th Bn., Gloucestershire Regt., born 1887 Barton Regis, Glos., died 30 October 1918 Westbury on Trym.
James Wyllie Raeburn CWGC record ...
Veteran Affairs Canada record ...
Pte 1015442 J W Raeburn, 72nd Bn. Canadian Infantry, born 9 March 1885 (according to VAC), Islington, died 12 August 1918 Vimy Ridge, Pas de Calais, France.
Biographical information

Names recorded (wartime casualties - WW II)
Norman G Bridges CWGC record ... Son of Robert and Bessie Maud Bridges. Born Edmonton 1910.
Robin Kemp CWGC record ... Ch ERA William Robin Kemp, R.N.
Additional inscription on family grave at Whippingham Churchyard
Jack Tarrant CWGC record not found
Henry Underwood CWGC record ... (Harold Stanley Lincoln Underwood)
Isle of Wight Mercury

16 June 1944

UNDERWOOD. - Ventnor friends and servers of St. Alban's Church will be sorry to learn that Mrs. Underwood, late of "The Rendezvous," Park Avenue, has lost her only son Harold, aged 23, a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force V.R. He returned last March from West Africa after being in the siege of Malta, and with the Eighth Army in the Desert.
- Greatly loved by his sister Joyce and his Mother.
Charles H Waller CWGC record ... Leading Cook Charles Henry Waller, R.N.
Biographical information
Jeffrey Webber CWGC record ... Sgt Jeffrey Francis Mawby Webber, RAFVR.
Biographical information

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