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on the Isle of Wight
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All Saints Ryde Field of Remembrance in 2002

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Egyptian Campaign 1896-7

NameAssociated with
Farmar, Hugh Henry FoxcroftRyde

World War I

NameName on
County War Memorial
Name on
IW Rifles Memorials
Associated with
Fardell, Gervaseyes  Brading
Farrow, Alfred Adolphusyes  Ventnor
Feaver, Charles Thomasyes  Ventnor
Fetherstonhaugh, George Rupert Alexanderyes  Ryde
Fetherstonhaugh, Richard Collingwoodyes  Ryde
Finlay, Colin Douglas  yesBrading, Shanklin
Finlay, Ernest William    Shanklin [survived]
Finlay, Leonard Henri Harcourt    Shanklin [survived]
Finlay, Walter James    Shanklin
William Fletcher
[de la Flechere, William]
yes   Wroxall
Flux, Ernest  Northwood
Ford, Arthur Vernonyes  Seaview (formerly Portsmouth)
Ford, George Herbertyes  Ventnor
Formby, Myles Lonsdall   Shanklin
Forster, Robson Cameronyes  Niton
Foss, Isaac yes Cowes
Frampton, Percy John   Ryde
Fryer, Charles Frederickyes  East Cowes
James Henry (Harry)yes Ryde

World War II

NameAssociated with
Fallick, Charles Frederick Whitwell
Ferrari, Arnold John Limerston (evacuee from Portsmouth)
Finch, Patrick Austen Gwyer Bembridge School
Findon, Edward James Sandown (served)
Findon, Jack Ewart Sandown
Findon, Walter Harry Charles Sandown
Finlay, Roy Norman Brading
Fox, Victor Alan Newport
Fry, John Edward Ventnor


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