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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
- Brighstone : St Mary the Virgin Church : Roll of Honour -


In St Mary the Virgin Church, Brighstone
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Description and history

Manuscript Roll of Honour, framed in wooden mount

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Brighstone War Memorial

Brighstone St Mary Roll of Honour

For God, For King, For Country

These men of
served in His Majesty's Forces
during the Great War 1914 - 1919
+ those who gave their lives
names as given below
"Not once or twice in our fair island story
The path of duty was the way to glory"

Names recorded

In the Royal Navy 
Frederick Baker 
James Baker 
+ Eli Ballard CWGC record ...
John Beauchamp  
Arthur Cake  
Frederick Cleal  
Harry Cooper  
+ Arthur Day Probable CWGC record ...
William Day  
Wm Day Junr MSM  
Walter Eley  
+ Edward Higgins CWGC record ...
 Inscription on wife's headstone Brighstone St Mary's Cemetery
+ Henry Hollis CWGC record ...
 Hollis Memorial in St Mary's Church
 Inscription on mother's headstone Brighstone St Mary's Cemetery
Frederick Merwood  
George Morris  
Frederick Old  
Henry Ottley  
Arthur Porter  
Arthur Tharle  
Percy Trickett 
Gilbert Warne  
Frederick Cotton  
In the Army 
Thomas Attrill  
Frederick Baker  
Thomas Beauchamp  
Edward Bridges  
Harry Bridges  
Wilfred Butcher  
Benjamin Cassell  
+ Charles Cassell CWGC record ...
 Buried at Brook St Mary's Churchyard
Ernest Cassell  
Walter Cassell  
+ John Chambers CWGC record ...
+ Edgar Chambers CWGC record ...
Harry Chessell  
Walter Cleal  
+ Charles Coleman Probable CWGC record ...
Frank Coleman  
+ Thomas Coleman CWGC record ...
Australian War Memorial record ...
Biographical Information
Commemorated at Lone Pine (Australian) Memorial, Gallipoli
Ernest Cooper  
Frederick Cooper MM  
William Cooper  
John Cotton  
Victor Cotton  
Sidney Creeth  
Arthur Downer  
Roland Downer  
William Downer  
+ Harry Driver CWGC record ...
Woodford Fisk  
Charles Harold  
Alfred Harris  
George Holbrook  
Albert Jackman  
Arthur Jackman  
Albert Keen  
Cecil Keen  
Edgar Keen  
Harold Keen  
Albert Macmanus  
Albert Mariner  
+ George Matthews CWGC record ...
Edmund Maundrell  
John Maundrell  
Thomas Merwood  
+ Harry Morris CWGC record ..
Douglas Munt  
Reginald Munt  
Thomas Munt  
Walter Murray  
Sidney Old  
William Old  
Charles Phillips  
George Phillips  
Bernard Phillips  
Archibald Plucknett  
Eli Russell  
Robert Tharle  
+ William Tharle CWGC record ...
+ Frederick Thompson CWGC record ...
Australian War Memorial record ...
Biographical information
Buried in Lone Pine (Australian) Cemetery, Gallipoli
George Salter  
Robert Sayer  
Arthur Scovell  
James Scovell  
Arthur Shotter  
Reginald Snow  
Herbert Street  
+ Ambrose Warne CWGC record ...
Albert Watson  
Albert Warell  
+ Charles Whitehouse CWGC record ...
John Whitewood  
William Whitewood  
+ John Wilkins CWGC record ...
 Wilkins Memorial in St Mary's Church

Notes :

Frederick Baker is listed twice, under both Royal Navy and Army. He served only in the Royal Navy.

Wilfred Butcher - surname is given as Butcher or Butchers in some documents e.g. the Birth Index and 1901 Census give Butcher, but the 1911 Census, Marriage Index, and Death Index give Butchers. Wilfred's father, Ernest Butcher[s], in completing the 1911 Census return, gives his surname as Butchers in the main body of the form, but signs himself Ernest Butcher.

Acknowedgments :

Thanks to Paul Bradley for additional information.


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