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In Bonchurch, Ventnor and St Lawrence, Isle of Wight
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Ventnor Blue Plaques - Churchill
Winston Churchill

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Turgenev
Ivan Turgenev

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Sewell
Elizabeth Missing Sewell

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Marx
Karl Marx

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Stacpoole
Henry de Vere Stacpoole

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Hassall
Arthur Hill Hassall

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Martin-Harvey
Sir John Martin-Harvey

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Jellicoe
Earl Jellicoe

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Leech
John Leech
Blue Plaques

PersonLocationWhen placed
Bonchurch ArtistsSeaside Cottage, Shore RoadBonchurch2010
Winston Churchill Flint Cottage, St Catherine StreetVentnor
Charles Dickens WinterbourneBonchurchApril 2011
Edward ElgarAlexandra GardensVentnor2007 (present plaque)
Edgar J Harvey near Paddling Pool, EsplanadeVentnor
Arthur Hill Hassall Botanic GardensVentnor
Rene HoweRene Howe Walk (Cascade Walk)Ventnor
Earl JellicoeInglewood Park (site of St Lawrence Hall)Ventnor
John LeechHillside Cottage, Bonchurch ShuteBonchurch
Edward Henry Lemare15 High StreetVentnor
Lord Macaulay Madeira Hall, Madeira RoadBonchurch
Sir John Martin-Harvey Bonchurch ShoreBonchurchJuly 2010
Karl Marx Chimnitz, St Boniface GardensVentnor
Alfred Noyes Lisle CombeSt Lawrence
Elizabeth Missing Sewell St Boniface Court, Mitchell AvenueVentnor
Henry de Vere Stacpoole Cliff DeneBonchurch
John Sterling Hillside Hotel, Mitchell AvenueVentnor
Algernon SwinburneEast DeneBonchurch
Ivan Turgenev EsplanadeVentnor
Place of InterestLocation
Radar StationOld ParkSt Lawrence
Radar StationSt Boniface DownVentnor
Steephill CastleUndercliff GardensVentnor
Ventnor MillAlexandra GardensVentnor2010
Ventnor StationMitchell AvenueVentnor
Ventnor West StationUndercliff GardensVentnor
Ventnor Blue Plaques - Swinburne
Algernon Swinburne

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Macaulay
Lord Macaulay

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Elgar
Edward Elgar

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Lemare
Edwin H Lemare

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Harvey
Edgar J Harvey

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Bonchurch Artists
Bonchurch Artists

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Ventnor Mill
Ventnor Mill

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Steephill Castle
Steephill Castle

Ventnor Blue Plaques - Ventnor Station
Ventnor Station


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