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At Ventnor Holiday Villas (formerly Flint Cottage), Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Property bears a plaque marking Winston Churchill's visit to Ventnor in 1878 as a four year old. It is believed that his nurse had relatives in the area.

Ventnor : Churchill visit plaque

Sir Winston L P Churchill
~ 1874 - 1965 ~
Stayed at Flint Cottage in 1878
the first of many visits to Ventnor.
Whilst here he saw the wreck of
H. M. Training Ship Eurydice
which capsized off Dunnose
March 24th 1878 with the loss of
more than 300 lives.

Further Information

See also the monuments to the crew of H.M.S. Eurydice at Sandown Christ Churchyard, and Shanklin Cemetery.


Ventnor : Churchill : Flint Cottage


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