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In the Military Museum, Calbourne Mill, Calbourne, Isle of Wight

A wooden panel, inscribed with the names of volunteers who served in the South African Wars.

Originally installed at the Guildhall in Newport, the Memorial was placed in storage at some point in its history at Northwood House in Cowes. It was relocated to the Military Museum at Calbourne in 2002.

Newport South African War memorial
Newport South African War memorial
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Allen G.B. Trooper
Bertram H.C. Sergeant Died 1918.
Buried at Shorwell St Peter's (New) Churchyard
Bush N.T. Corporal
Barrow G. Trooper
Black A.E. Trooper DIED OF ENTERIC
Balchin A. Trooper
Blackmore H.S. Trooper
Blew A. Trooper
Baines H. Trooper
Cheverton A.B. Trooper
Denham E.G. Bugler DIED ON VOYAGE
Drake A. Trooper
Dredge S. Trooper KILLED IN ACTION
Dyer W.H. Trooper
Fenn L.H. Trooper
Goater E. Trooper
Grant B. Trooper
Halstead F. Trooper
Hacket A.L.H. Lieut.
Hampton W.G. Trooper
Hiller H. Trooper
Humphreys H.G. Trooper
Kenan W.H. Trooper KILLED BY BOERS
Kennedy H.J. Trooper
Kewitt A.S. E. Kent Yeo.y
Laine F.J. Trooper
Layton E.C.M. Trooper Died on Active Service in 1916.
Commemorated at Wroxall St John's Church
Biographical information
Lockhart G.A. Trooper
Love S.J. Trooper
Mearman R.B. Corporal
Mursell H. Trooper
Marvin R.C. Trooper
Mew F. Trooper
Mew G. Trooper
Milligan F.W. Trooper
Morgan A. Trooper
Packer W.S.A. Trooper
Pike J. Trooper
Reeves G.H. Trooper
Richards A.R. Trooper
Roach F.O.B. Trooper
Russell F.J. Trooper
Seely J.E.B. Captain
St Aubyn B.M. Trooper
Spary C.J.W. Trooper
Tucker D. Trooper
Walker C.H. Trooper
Whitfield W.H. Trooper
Yelf F. Trooper



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