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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
- Ventnor -
- Methodist Church War Memorial -


Held by Ventnor Heritage Museum, Spring Hill, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
Formerly in Methodist Church, High Street, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The memorial is not currently recorded by the War Memorials Archive

Framed Roll of Honour, hand painted names with inscriptions in gilt. Approximately 30" x 20". Signed in the lower right hand corner "PDRM". It is assumed that the Roll of Honour was created after the Second World War owing to its layout.

Following the closure of the Church in 2008, the Memorial plaques were transferred to the Ventnor Heritage Museum,
to whom thanks are due for allowing me to photograph the Memorial plaques.

Ventnor  Methodist Church War memorial
Ventnor  Methodist Church

To The
Glory of God
and in
Sacred Memory
Of the undermentioned Members
of this Church and Congregation who
gave their Lives in the Cause of Freedom
during the Great War. 1914 - 1919.
names as given below
1939 - 1945
names as given below

"Greater Love hath no man than this"


Further Information
1914 - 1919
FRANK H DRAPER CWGC record ... Biographical Information
CHARLES G DRAPER CWGC record ... Biographical Information
DUDLEY GILBERT CWGC record ... Biographical Information
PHILLIP GILBERT CWGC record ... Biographical Information
GEORGE F MILLIGAN CWGC record ... Biographical Information
RICHARD MURPHY CWGC record ... Biographical information
HENRY J RAYNER CWGC record ... Biographical information
FRANCIS RUSSELL CWGC record ... Biographical information
FREDERICK C SHEATH CWGC record ... Biographical information
CHARLES B SIMPKIN CWGC record ... Biographical Information
1939 - 1945
RAYMOND A B VINE CWGC record ... Biographical information
DESMOND WOODNUTT CWGC record ... Additional memorial plaque in the Methodist Church to
Desmond Woodnutt

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