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Memorials & Monuments
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Parkhurst Cemetery, Forest Road, Parkhurst, Isle of Wight

Burials after World War II

Pre World War I headstones

World War I headstones

Between World War I and II headstones

World War II headstones

Parkhurst Military Cemetery : Cross of Sacrifice
Cross of Sacrifice

Parkhurst Cemetery Index Board

Cemetery Index Board
NOTE : the Index board is no longer present at the Cemetery, having deteriorated due to weathering.
Burials and inscriptions
Parkhurst Cemetery : 178 : L W Smith (1954) Parkhurst Cemetery : 179 : W T Dummelow (1956) Parkhurst Cemetery : 180 : A R Smith (1958)
178 :
L W Smith
(d 1954)
179 :
W T Dummelow
(d 1956)
180 :
A R Smith
(d 1958)



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