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Town Hall, The Square, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, PO41 0NS.
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IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Roll of Honour is not recorded

A hand painted and inscribed Roll of Honour naming 25 men who died, and 181 who served during the Great War.

It is signed Harold C Chambers Oct 18. Harold Charles Chambers was described as an Art Student in the 1911 Census return for Ommaney Road, Yarmouth.

It is believed that this Roll is the Yarmouth School Roll of Honour. An entry in the School Log (written by The Master, James Ellis Furmage) for 5 December 1919 reads :

Dec 5th :
This afternoon the School Roll of Honour in connection with the "Great War" was unveiled by Mrs Woodin,[1] wife of the Rector. W.A. Dedamen represented the Education Authority and a large number of "old" boys and girls was present.
The Summary is as follows
1. The Glorious Dead25
2. Joined H.M. Forces181
3. Distinctions9
4. Commissions15

[1] Mrs Maud Woodin, wife of the Revd. Stanley H. Woodin, M.A. Their son, James Steward Woodin was killed in WW II.

It is not known when the Roll was transferred from the School to the Town Hall.

[Memorial not visited by the Memorials on the Isle of Wight team]

Photo © Jill Cowley
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Bertram R. BakerLieut. R. FusiliersFrank Stephens M.C.Lieut. R.F. ArtilleryMaurice DrakeLieut. A.S.C.William RyallRoyal Engineers
William ButlerH.M.S. BulwarkReginald GatrellTank CorpsWilliam LeveyH.M.S. P. of WalesJames HeallRoyal Engineers
Crooks JohnHants RegimentGerald HawardH.M.S. RevengeAlfred PlumblyHampshire Regt.Richard HicksK. Royal Rifles
George DoeH.M.S. TerribleLeonard HawardR. Flying CorpsNorton WebbHampshire Regt.Frederick WadhamDevon Regiment
Harold DoeMotor TransportArchie B CookeLieut. Ind. ArmyHarry JackmanR.G. ArtilleryFrederick HendyDevon Regiment
Sidney FoulkesHow. Batt. R.F.A.William PayneDorset RegimentLaurence ClearyLt. Wireless Tel. R.N.Douglas GriffithsH.M.S. Jeanette
Harwood EdwardR.G. ArtilleryAlfred HollowayHampshire RegtCharles ChalkMotor TransportCharles GriffithsH.M.S. Liberty
Henderson AlfredRoyal EngineersRobert G BuckettTyne Elec. Engs.Walter TuckerRoyal EngineersEdward GriffithsRoyal Engineers
Edwin GriffithsLieut. H.M.S. ZaidaWilliam T TraversR.F. ArtilleryAlbert KielyRoyal ArtilleryWilliam GriffithsRoyal F. Artillery
Harry GatrellRoyal EngineersEdward TraversRoyal EngineersHarry BanhamCapt. Ind. ArmyVincent EldridgeLt. H.M.S. Sequoya
Frederick GatrellHow. Batt. R.F.A.Robert BuckettWiltshire RegimentRobert DigbyWireless R.E.Charles JackmanR. Flying Corps
Alfred KellewayHow. Batt. R.F.A.Harry TannerH.M.S. HerculesAubrey DigbyField Tel. R.E.James JackmanRoyal Engineers
Howell LongR.G. ArtilleryWilliam Smith M.M.London RegimentLorenzo ChambersCape M. RiflesWilliam WadhamSomerset Light I.
Harry RussellHow. Batt. R.F.A.Alfred WhiteMachine Gun CorpsLeslie Townsend2nd Lieut. H.M.S. PikeOliver PitmanGloucesters
Harry PilcherH.M.S. Black PrinceHarry DenhamH.M.S. BruceEdward LongLieut. H.M.S. SharkFrederick MartinRoyal Engineers
Sidney PayneH.M.S. Iron DukeJohn RyallK. Royal RiflesCharles BurtMotor TransportHerbert WarderGloucester Regt
Harry PayneH.M.S. Iron DukeReginald CarterR. Flying CorpsArthur WarderArmy S. Corps
Frank DenhamDevon RegimentPercy Barton D.C.M.HampshiresDaniel SebbornTank Corps
Walter Butler D.C.M.H.M.S. BirminghamCecil ClearyR.G. ArtilleryVictor HendersonH.M.S. R.N. Flying C.
Austin WoodfordH.M.S. EndymionJames HendersonRoyal EngineersFredk. HendersonRoyal Engineers
Edgar RobertsonH.M.S. DreadnoughtHarry PageLt. H.M.S. RosetiArchie BuckettMotor Transport
Ernest ChambersH.M.S. EdgarThomas RiddettEssex RegimentReginald DigbyLieut. R.G. Artillery
Arthur SpencerRoyal EngineersFrederick BarnardH.M.S. SpankerArchie LoweR.G. ArtilleryAlfred FunnellArmy S. Corps
Ivor StoneR.G. ArtilleryWilliam MagawleyH.M.S. RussellEric MillsAustralian H.Joseph FunnellRoyal F. Artillery
Arthur WadhamHow. Batt. R.F.A.Gilbert BakerH.M.S. SubmarineStanley MillsAustralian H.Leslie FunnellH.M.S. Nonpareil
Harry WoodfordRoyal EngineersWilliam SolwayH.M.S. Iron DukeWilliam CreethRoyal EngineersHedley WebbHampshire Regiment
Robert AllenH.M.S. PembrokeHarold HawkesH.M.S. King Geo. VFredk. CreethRoyal EngineersErnest BakerH.M.S. Lucia
Leonard Warder D.S.C.H.M.S. "Mystery" LtGeorge EarwoodH.M.S. BruceTom CassHampshire Regt.Arthur BakerR.F. Artillery
Robert WelstedRoyal EngineersDouglas BurridgeH.M.S. CressyPercy RussellGloucestersGordon RundleSussex Regiment
Charles PrinceRoyal WarwicksJoseph BackshallH.M.S. P. of WalesPercy WarderRoyal EngineersFrederick SheathH.M.S. Renown
Harry ButlerH.M.S. Sub L55Douglas ChambersLieut. H.M.S. VanadisLawrence SmithRoyal EngineersJames HeathRoyal Engineers
Percy CarnellH.M.S. George VCharles HendyArmy S. CorpsWilliam SpinksHampshires
Charles SmithSuffolk YeomanryErnest JolliffeHampshire Regt.John BulfordH.M.S. Nonpareil
The above25 made theHerbert HarwoodSurrey YeomanryCharles TubbH.M.S. RenownAmbrose TwaddleNorthampton Regt
SupremeSacrificeCharles LeveyHow. Batt. R.F.A.Alfred HardyRoyal EngineersJames HardyRoyal Engineers
"Greater love hath no man than this, that aWilfred W Doe1st Hants RegimentHerbert HardyRoyal EngineersAlbert HammondH.M.S. Revenge
a man lay down his life for his friends"Clifford OdellHow. Batt. R.F.A.Archie TrowbridgeOxon - BucksChas. FearnheadRoyal Engineers
St John XV 13vHenry PennyRoyal ArtilleryThomas HarwoodMachine Gun Sec.Thomas MartinRoyal Engineers
Cecil RobertsRoyal EngineersFrederick KelseyHow. Batt. R.F.A.Ernest HouseSomerset L.I.Archie MorrisRoyal Engineers
Frank TremainRoyal EngineersWilfred SpencerAOC CanadaEdgar SpencerRoyal EngineersCharles BurtMotor Transport
Leslie SebbornRoyal EngineersWilliam WoodRoyal EngineersHerbert WoodfordI.W. Rifles R.O.D.William OwenH.M.S. Bluebell
Sidney ChambersRoyal EngineersJohn JenningsRoyal EngineersGeorge HarrisR.F. ArtilleryCaptain and Adj.Military Cross
Harry LewisRoyal EngineersJames GengeRoyal Engineers* Leonard HarwoodRoyal EngineersCaptain Men-tioned in Despatches
Frank TownsendRoyal EngineersWilliam LewisRoyal Engineers* Croix de Guerrewith Palm LeafCavalliari ofOrder of Cr. Of Italy
Roland TownsendRoyal EngineersWilliam NicksRoyal EngineersHubert DigbyWireless R.E.Harry GreenD. of Cornwalls L.I.
Vivian TownsendRoyal EngineersPercy AllenRoyal EngineersArthur AlbistonRoyal EngineersWilliam CowlingH.M.S. Alicon
Charles ReynoldsRoyal EngineersWilliam ForemanRoyal EngineersBruce CollinsBlack WatchDouglas LivingstoneRoyal Engineers
John CoxRoyal EngineersEdgar SpencerRoyal EngineersCharles StephensGunnery Instructor
Charles WantRoyal EngineersConstantine DigbyRoyal EngineersSUMMARY
Richard StevensonRoyal EngineersWilliam CushenRoyal Engineers1"The Glorious Dead"25
Alfred GengeRoyal EngineersFrederick RyallRoyal Engineers2Joined H.M. Forces181
Harry GengeRoyal EngineersWilliam HarrisRoyal Engineers3Distinctions9

Further Information on those who died
Bertram R Baker CWGC record ...
William Butler CWGC record ...
John Crooks CWGC record ...
George Doe CWGC record ...
Harold Doe CWGC record ...
Sidney Foulkes CWGC record ...
Edward Harwood CWGC record ...
Alfred Henderson CWGC record ...
Edwin Griffiths CWGC record ...
Harry Gatrell CWGC record ... Buried at Yarmouth Cemetery
Frederick Gatrell CWGC record ... Commemorated on family headstone at Yarmouth Cemetery
Alfred Kelleway CWGC record ... Buried at Yarmouth Cemetery
Howell Long CWGC record ...
Harry Russell CWGC record ...
Harry Pilcher CWGC record ... Commemorated on family headstone at Yarmouth Cemetery
Sidney Payne CWGC record ... Commemorated on family headstone at Yarmouth Cemetery
Arthur Spencer CWGC record ...
Ivor Stone CWGC record ... Additional inscription on family headstone at Thorley Churchyard
Arthur Wadham CWGC record ...
Harry Woodford CWGC record ...
Robert Allen CWGC record ... not found Biographical information
Leonard Warder D.S.C. CWGC record ... Commemorated on family headstone at Yarmouth Cemetery
Robert Welsted CWGC record ...
Charles Prince CWGC record ...
Harry Butler CWGC record ...

Harry Butler is named on the Baltic Waters Naval Memorial at Portsmouth Cathedral

Further Information on those who served
Arthur Baker   Biographical information
[Marion Pointer]
Ernest Baker   Biographical information
[Marion Pointer]
Charlie Lansdowne not named on Roll of Honour Biographical information
[Jill Cowley]
George Lansdowne not named on Roll of Honour Biographical information
[Jill Cowley]
Buried at St James' Cemetery
Oliver Pitman Biographical information
[Jill Cowley]

Many thanks to Jill Cowley for the photograph of the Roll of Honour, School Log entry, and biographies of those who served
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