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In the Town Hall, Brading, Isle of Wight, PO36.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

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Brading Town Hall is not Listed.
Description and history

A Roll of Honour listing all the men from Brading who served in WW I. 284 men are named as having served, with a further 28 who died.

See also Brading War Memorial


Brading : Town Hall : Roll of Honour

The Muster Roll of the Parish of Brading

They whom this roll commemorates were numbered amongst those who at the call of King
left all that was dear to them, endured hardship and faced danger
names as given below
And these finally passed out of sight of men
names as given below

Baker, H NHMS Hibernia Faithfull, AHMS Fearless Reeves, C HHMS Barham Smith, ARM Artillery
Brading, A WHMS Zarc[sic][Zara] Fowler, A ESubmarine K4 Richardson, R HHMS Safa-el-bahr Squibb, RHMS Iron Duke
Bronwin, H EHMS Agincourt Gladdis, PHMS Queen Elizabeth Rendall, WHMS Royal Sovereign Stay, HHMS Leviathan
Buckett, MHMS Harrier Harvey, CSubmarine Service Rendall, ARMLI Street, RHMS Brittanic
Buckett, GHMS Armadale Castle Harvey, WCoastguards Roach, SHMS Devonshire Walker, WHMS Eileen
Burbery, K J PHMS Iron Duke Harbour, LHMS Ulster Saunders, C EHMS Hindustan Wetherick, KHMS Statley
Chaffey, AHMS Southampton Harbour, E JHMS Eileen Saunders, J HHMS Neptune Williamson, W HHMS Minotaur
Casutt, MHMS Adriatic Hosier, T HCoastguards Saunders, F GHMS Victory Wood, CHMS Vernon
Coward, W Johnson, H EHMS Cardiff Shaw, GHMS Woolwich Waskett, FHMS Iron Duke
Day, P HAustralian Hospital Ship Morris, F MRMLI Simmonds, FHMS Caledon Wright, CHMS Carysfort
Day, E HR.N.R. Moore, B HHMS Vernon Smith, E HHMS Royalist Wright, F CHMS Inconstant
Drayson, E HHMS Cochrane Phillips, G HHMS Sybille Smith, MHMS Venerable
Bull, C      Carley, U H      Dadswell, T      Nobbs, A      Simmonds, A H      Simmonds, W J      Simmonds, F A      Wood, A A      Wood, V
Adams, AThe Rangers Fowler, FR.E. Nippard, SR.G.A. Stehr, C WDorsetshire Regiment
Adams, A GWiltshire Regiment Fowler, JR.E. Nobbs, CR.F.A. Stephens, JHampshire Regiment
Adams, HHampshire Regiment Gleeson, D5th Howitzers New, RR.E. Street, GHampshire Regiment
Allen, HHampshire Regiment Gould, FR.G.A. Orchard, AR.E. Street, HR.E.
Allen, S1st Portsmouth Gould, J7th Queens (R W Surrey Regt) Osborne, A HChaplain Stribling, GR.G.A.
Baker, C JThe Queens (R W Surrey Regt) Gray, ARoyal Scots Fusiliers Owens, CR.H.A. Snudden, FEssex Regiment
Baker, G ADevonshire Regiment Griffin, F HIsle of Wight Rifles Owens, GR.A.O.C. Southcott, RR.E.
Baker, H PA.S.C. Griffin, G DR.G.A. Owens, RR.H.A. Strong, A GIsle of Wight Rifles
Barfoot, H J LR.A.M.C. Griffin, WD.C.L.I. Pain, CR.F.A. Taylor, E CR.E.
Barnes, CD.C.L.I. Griffin, G WIsle of Wight Rifles Pain, AR.E. Taylor, F17th Gloucesters
Barnes, W AIsle of Wight Rifles Guy, W JWiltshire Regiment Pain, PR.A.S.C. Thomas, A HD.C.L.I.
Bartlett, AHampshire Regiment Hall, E A ER.G.A. Plumbley, RHampshire Regiment Toms, W HR.F.A.
Bates, TR.F.A. Harwood, ADevon Regiment Plumbley, M G HDevonshire Yeomanry Toms, F JHampshire Regiment
Bennett, AR.G.A. Harwood, EHampshire Regiment Pocock, H JEssex Regiment Trott, AIsle of Wight Rifles
Bennett, JR.E. Harbour, EHampshire Regiment Pink, FredIsle of Wight Rifles Trott, AIsle of Wight Rifles
Bissett, TR.G.A. Henley, LD.C.L.I. Pink, GHampshire Regiment Trott, FrankR.G.A.
Blow, W HIsle of Wight Rifles Holroyd, VRoyal West Kent Regiment Pink, HR.F.A. Trott, FredR.F.A.
Brading, L M1st H.A.C. Homewood, R D.C.L.I. Pink, WWiltshire Regiment Trott, WR.F.A.
Brett, GR.A.M.C. Hooper, H W R.G.A. Pink, F G1st Royal Warwicks Warren, W JIsle of Wight Rifles
Bronwin, W HHampshire Regiment Howe, C K.R.R.C. Pink, SIsle of Wight Rifles Walker, E FMilitary Police
Buckett, HR.F.A. Henley, E Hampshire Regiment Redstone, GA.S.C. Walker, JHampshire Regiment
Bull, S GR.F.A. Jackson, C R.F.A. Redstone, HRoyal Berkshires Westmore, HIsle of Wight Rifles
Butchers, FR.F.A. Jackson, GR.F.A. Reed O HHampshire Regiment Wetherick, F WD.C.L.I.
Brown, JColdstream Guards Jackson, JHampshire Regiment Rendall, JHampshire Regiment Wetherick, RR.E.
Chaffey, JR.E. Jackson, WIsle of Wight Rifles Richardson, G WHampshire Regiment Wheeler, A ER.F.A.
Chaffey, JamesM.G.C. Jackson, J. SenrR.F.A. Richardson, R HR.A.M.C. Wheeler, G CRifle Brigade
Chaffey, HSuffolk Regiment Jackson, A VHampshire Regiment Rose, F JR.E. Wheeler, HIsle of Wight Rifles
Chambers, F WR.E. Jacobs, H GDorset Regiment Rumsey, C JDevonshire Regiment Wheeler, C GR.E.
Chambers, A ER.E. Jacobs, PRoyal Fusiliers Saunders, H WA.S.C. (Motor Transport) Wheway, GRoyal West Kent
Chambers, A JD.C.L.I. Jacobs, RHampshire Regiment Saunders, R JR.E. Wheway, WR.E.
Cooper, FHampshire Regiment Jacobs, SHampshire Regiment Scott, W H Ox & Bucks Light Infantry White ER.F.A.
Cooper, WR.E. Jacobs, C AHampshire Regiment Scott, F CHampshire Regiment White GIsle of Wight Rifles
Coward, WHampshire Regiment Jacobs, GR.A.S.C. Scott, W EOx & Bucks Light Infantry Whittington, CIsle of Wight Rifles
Dadswell, H ER.A.V.C. Jacobs, CHampshire Regiment Shand, R C RWelsh Guards Whittington, O1st Welsh Regiment
Dadswell, R A13th London Jacobs, A J Herts Regiment Shaw, A E1st Canadians Whittington, WIsle of Wight Rifles
Davidson, H MIndian Army Jolliffe, G AR.E. Shaw, PRifle Brigade Williams, B GIsle of Wight Rifles
Drake, M JR.A.S.C. Jolliffe, GWorcester Regiment Shaw, W HR.E. Williams, C OIsle of Wight Rifles
Deacon, WR.E. Joy, HIsle of Wight Rifles Sheath, CIsle of Wight Rifles Williams, HHampshire Regiment
Deacon, CR.E. Joy, C JR.G.A. Silsbury, WIsle of Wight Rifles Williams, R JR.A.M.C.
Dore, AR.F.A. Jones, EIsle of Wight Rifles Simmonds, SBedfords Williamson, C RR.G.A.
Dowden, F JHampshire Regiment Jones, JamesR.F.A. Simmonds, W17th Gloucester Willetts, CD.C.L.I.
Dowden, WR.A.S.C. Jones, JohnR.A.S.C. Simmonds, A AWiltshire Regiment Wilkins, GR.A.S.C. (M.T.)
Dixon, A13th Somerset L.I. Jones, A JR.E. Simmonds, R G2nd Royal Fusiliers Willis, E JHampshire Regiment
Dower, W H3rd Canadian Engineers Leslie, A LR.G.A. Smith, E AHampshire Regiment Willis, W GR.E.
Driver, W JHampshire Regiment Leslie, WR.F.A. Smith, GNorthumberland Fusiliers Wright, EHampshire Regiment
Driver, FR.A.M.C. Lesie, F E1st Life Guards Smith, FBerkshire Regiment Wright, RIsle of Wight Rifles
Dyer, HHampshire Regiment Leslie, V HR.G.A. Smith, F HR.A.S.C. Wright, T HR.F.A.
Drayson, F G1st Border Regiment Leslie, A R.G.A. Squibb, E MR.E. Wright, WRoyal Berkshire Regiment
Eastman, WR.G.A. Lee, W J CR.E. Squibb, F CR.E. Wright, AIsle of Wight Rifles
Edmonds, A1st Royal Bucks Lock, W JIsle of Wight Rifles Squibb, F EHampshire Regiment Wright, DIsle of Wight Rifles
Elliott, RR.G.A. Lockyer, CHampshire Regiment Squibb, J HR.A.V.C. Wright, VIsle of Wight Rifles
Evans, WD.C.L.I. Lucas, LDorset Regiment Squibb, A ER.A.V.C. Young, FrankTank Corps
Fardell, J GIsle of Wight Rifles Matthews, EIsle of Wight Rifles Stark, A GSeaforth Highlanders Young, FredIsle of Wight Rifles
Fardell, F HR.F.A. Morris, W EHampshire Regiment Stayley, TR.A.S.C. Young, A H 
Ferry, WR.G.A. Munson, A G E5th Connaught Rangers Stayley, W15th Hussars Young, WIsle of Wight Rifles
Fleming, G H19th Hussars Munns, G RIsle of Wight Rifles Stay, ADorsetshire Regiment Young, R FTank Corps
Fleming, A ER.E. Munns, HR.F.A. Stay, HR.E. Young, A WIsle of Wight Rifles
And these finally passed out of sight of men ....
Baker, E CArmourer's MateH.M.S. BegoniaCleall, PLieutenantEssex RegimentJohnson, A ERiflemanK.R.R.C.Taylor, HRiflemanIsle of Wight Rifles
Fowler, E WStokerH.M.S. BegoniaFardell, GCaptain, M.C.K.R.R.C.Joy, WLance CorporalHampshire RegimentTaylor, I JPrivateDevon Works Company
Hinks, HABH.M. SubmarineFry, GPrivateR.F.A.Pink, F JPrivateHampshire RegimentWheway, FSecond LieutenantR.G.A.
Sheath, R JStokerH.M.S. Queen MaryHarbour, LPrivateDurham L.I.Price, GPrivateWorcestershire RegimentWickens, LPrivateCanadians
Abbott, G HGunnerR.F.A.Harmsworth, E HPrivateWiltshire RegimentPryke, GPrivateCanadiansWilliams, EPrivateSomerset L.I.
Barton, J HPrivateHampshire RegimentHawkins, JPrivateM.G.C.Silsbury, ARiflemanIsle of Wight RiflesWillis, F RPrivateNorthumberland Fus.
Brett, W F2nd LieutenantR.G.A.Jacobs, E HPrivateRoyal BerkshiresStreet, VRiflemanIsle of Wight RiflesWodehouse, J F ALieutenantD.C.L.I.

Further information on those who died :
Baker E C : Armourer's Mate : HMS Begonia CWGC record ...
Fowler E W : Stoker : HMS Begonia CWGC record ... Additional inscription on family headstone at St Mary's Churchyard, Brading
Hinks H : AB : HM Submarine CWGC record ...
Sheath R J : Stoker : HMS Queen Mary CWGC record ...
Abbott G H : Gunner : R.F.A. CWGC record ...
Barton J H : Private : Hampshire Regiment CWGC record ...
Brett W F : 2nd Lieutenant : R.G.A. CWGC record ...
Cleall P : Lieutenant : Essex Regiment CWGC record ...
Fardell G : Captain, MC. : K.R.R.C.
whose brothers were
Fardell, F H
Fardell, J G
CWGC record ... Fardell Memorial in St Mary's Church
Fry G : Private : R.F.A. CWGC record ...
Harbour L : Private : Durham L.I. CWGC record ...
Harmsworth E H : Private : Wiltshire Regiment CWGC record ...
Hawkins J : Private : M.G.C. Probable CWGC record ...
Walter Harry Hawkins
Jacobs E H : Private : Royal Berkshires CWGC record ...
Johnson A E : Rifleman : K.R.R.C. CWGC record ...
William Johnson
Joy W : Lance Corporal : Hampshire Regiment CWGC record ...
Samuel Walter Joy
Pink F J : Private : Hampshire Regiment CWGC record ...
Price G : Private : Worcestershire Regiment CWGC record ...
Pryke G : Private : Canadians CWGC record ...
Veteran Affairs Canada record ...
Buried at White House Cemetery, St. Jean-les-Ypres, Belgium.
Silsbury A : Rifleman : Isle of Wight Rifles CWGC record ...
Street V : Rifleman : Isle of Wight Rifles CWGC record ...
Taylor H : Rifleman : Isle of Wight Rifles CWGC record ...Buried in St Mary's Churchyard
Taylor I J : Private : Devon Works Company CWGC record not found
Wheway F : Second Lieutenant : R.G.A. CWGC record ...
Wickens L : Private : Canadians CWGC record ...
Veteran Affairs Canada record ...
Williams E : Private : Somerset L.I. CWGC record ...
Willis F R : Private : Northumberland Fus. CWGC record ... Biographical information
Wodehouse J F A : Lieutenant : D.C.L.I. CWGC record ... Wodehouse Memorial Chair, St Mary's Church, Cowes



Friday, August 18, 1916 Page 5

Sapper H. Wheway, R.E., (brother of Mr. A. Wheway, station master at Wroxall), is lying ill in hospital at Mudros. His father, Mr. W. Wheway, stationmaster at Brading, has been notified by the War Office that he is dangerously ill, but a later letter happily says he is out of danger. He served several months in France before going to Salonica last December. Previous to enlisting he was employed on the I.W. Railway. Another son, King's Sergt. G. Wheway, of the Royal West Kents, is at Sheffield suffering from shrapnel wounds in the left arm and face, which he received in the Delville Wood, where the West Kents were surrounded for 48 hours and fought heroically. He has seen 20 months' service on the Western front and has been in several big engagements. He was made King's sergeant on Hill 60.

Acknowledgments :

Many thanks to Jill Cowley for re-photographing the Roll of Honour, to enable a more accurate transcription of the names
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