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St John's Road School, Ryde, Isle of Wight
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

Link : War Memorials Archive Reference 40855
English Heritage Listing Status

This building is not Listed.

A Roll of Honour was situated at the School. In a contemporary newspaper report, (see below) there is also mention of a "school cenotaph".

No details known. The School building still exists but the location of these memorials is unknown.

[Memorial not visited or recorded by Memorials in Isle of Wight team]

Ryde St John's Road School Roll of Honour : photograph not available

Further information

From the Isle of Wight County Press 13th November 1920 :

... At St John's-road Boys' School the headmaster (Mr M R Jones) wrote an address which was read to the scholars by P Fisher, one of the boys. The 280 names on the school war-roll were read out, the school cenotaph, having a wreath of ivy placed on it, was saluted, and the names inscribed read out. Following three minutes' absolute silence the boys gave three cheers for the Empire's success and peace, and sang God Save the King".


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