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In Ryde School, Queen's Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 3BE.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

Link : War Memorials Archive Reference 40820
English Heritage Listing Status

Ryde School (the former home of Dr John Lind, 'Westmont') is Listed Grade II, but it is not known whether the Listing covers the more modern buildings on the site.

A plaque naming Old Boys of Ryde School who died in World War II.

This is unusual in that it names a German boy, Thilo Schuch, who served and died as a Luftwaffe pilot.

Many thanks to the staff of Ryde School for providing full names of the Old Rydeians, and also the photographs of two of those killed

Ryde School War Memorial
Old Rydeian Harold Broadsmith
Flt/Lt Harold Broadsmith, RAF
Photo courtesy of Ryde School

Old Rydeian Frank Croucher
Major Frank Croucher,
King's Royal Rifle Corps
Photo courtesy of Ryde School

Old Rydeian William Tudhope
P/O William Tudhope,
Royal Air Force
Photo courtesy of Hans Hollestelle

1939 - 1945


Further Information

Names as recorded

Name Known asLinks
J A BARNES John Barnes CWGC record ...
R W BARNES Robert Barnes CWGC record ...
R T B BOWEN Trevor Bowen CWGC record ... not found
H E BROADSMITH Harold Broadsmith CWGC record ... Biography and circumstances of death
C H COX Cecil Cox CWGC record ...
I W CROSSLEY Ian Crossley CWGC record ...
F E N CROUCHER Frank Croucher CWGC record ...
E B DOHERTY Brian Doherty CWGC record ... Biography and circumstances of death
A G ELCOX Tony Elcox CWGC record ... Biography and circumstances of death
H W L FORRESTER Herbert Forrester CWGC record ...
D G C GRIBBLE George Gribble CWGC record ... Biography and circumstances of death
G R J GUTTERIDGE George Gutteridge CWGC record ...
H N P R HALSTEAD Norman Halstead CWGC record ...
B H JONES Bernard Jones CWGC record ... not found
N A LONNEN Norman Lonnen [according to School]
Neely Anthony Lonnen
CWGC record ... Biographical information
D F MILLER Donald Miller CWGC record ...
C B NEEDHAM Christopher Needham CWGC record ... Buried in Bayeux War Cemetery in France
B W B OUSELEY Brian Ouseley CWGC record ...
T P SCHUCH Thilo Schuch
J K SMITH John Smith CWGC record ...
H F STRICKLEY Harry Strickley CWGC record ... H.M.S. Royal Oak sinking
J E A TROUGHTON John Troughton CWGC record ... not found
W F TUDHOPE Bill Tudhope CWGC record ... Biography and circumstances of death
J V WADHAM John Wadham CWGC record ... Buried at Carisbrooke (Mount Joy) Cemetery)
Biographical information
C H WEEKS Colin Weeks CWGC record ...
N W WOOD Wray Wood CWGC record ...
A N WYLES Alfred Wyles No CWGC record Biographical information

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