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on the Isle of Wight
- Brook : St Mary the Virgin Church : RNLI plaque 5 : SS Triton -


In St Mary the Virgin Church, Brook
Description and history

Wooden board inscribed with copy of letter from the captain of the S S Triton RAFAEL MEANA Y ARIAS

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Brook St Mary RNLI plaque 5

Wreck of S.S. 'Triton'
The Royal Lifeboat
of Brook, I. of W.
The November 18th 1904, will be for
me one of the most memorable days
of my life, for on that date happened
by those terrible cases of fortune
the accident to the steamboat 'Triton'
on the English coast. As I 'manded the
ship as captain I'm obliged to express
you our thanks for your splendid help
in the danger. Without your help it
would not have been possible to save
all the crew of my ship.
I am ashamed by all these ama-
bilities, kindness, and generosities
of the whole town which prevent other
Receive, please, by this letter the
loudest expressions of our most
sincere gratitude, and I beg you to
accept this as the smallest proof of
the never-ending admiration of one
the most humble captain of the Spanish
Merchant Navy.

Yours faithfully
The 18th December, 1904.


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