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unknown Name : Richard John Northway.

Son of John Northway and Frances Holdsworth Northway (died 1876).

Born 1870 Blunham, Bedfordshire.

Attended Isle of Wight College, Appley, Ryde.
  Census Information :

1871 Census : John and Frances Northway, with Richard aged 3 months, are at Lansdowne Road, Kensington. John Northway has "Income from Estates in London".

1881 Census : John Northway, widower, with his children including Richard aged 10, are at 14, Teville Road, Broadwater, Sussex. John Northway is "Living on his own means".

1891 Census : John Northway, widower, with two sons including Richard [Roland on the Census page] aged 19, are at Buckhurst, Marlborough Road, Ryde. John Northway is "Living on his own means". Richard Northway is an Articled Clerk (Law).

  Service details :

Trooper 235 2 Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles
Sergeant 235 Canadian Scouts.

Wounded on 2nd November 1900 at Belfast, South Africa.
  Casualty Details :

Killed at Rustplatz, Transvaal, 17th February, 1901. Aged 30.

  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Isle of Wight College Roll of Honour

  Additional Information :

His brother Francis Louis Northway also served in South Africa and was subsequently killed in the Great War.
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