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Unknown person Name : Edgar Horace Crump

Son of : Horace Crump and May Nellie Crump (née Railton) of Ventnor.

Born : 1920, Eton, Buckinghamshire. (GRO registration Jun qtr 1920, Eton 3a 2074).
  Electoral roll information :

1922 - 1925 : Horace Crump is listed at 36 St Catherine's St., Ventnor.

1929 : Horace and May Nellie Crump are listed at 2 Bourne Cottages, Beaconsfield Rd., Ventnor.

1933 : Horace and May Nellie Crump are listed at Fernbank, Zigzag Rd., Ventnor.

1938 : Horace and May Nellie Crump are listed at Rowhill, East St., Ventnor.

  Service Details :

Trooper 7889620 Edgar Horace Crump, Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps.

  Casualty Details :

Died : 30 May 1942 aged 22.

Buried at Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, Libya.

CWGC Record
  Commemorated on these Memorials :

Ventnor Holy Trinity Church South Wight Scouts War Memorial
Ventnor War Memorial

  Documents and Newspaper cuttings :


Friday, 7 June 1940

Ventnor and the War
... Mr. Edgar Crump, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Crump, of East Street, spent two days at home after an extremely hectic time experienced in the defence of Calais.
(not all the report has been transcribed)


Friday, May 30, 1941 Page 3

Ventnor Man's Impressions of the Middle East
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Crump, of Rowhill, East Street, Ventnor, have received interesting communications from their only son, Pte. Edgar Crump, of the R.T.R., who is now located somewhere in the Middle East. An Airgraph letter - produced by a photographic process which has been fully described in the Press - is an interesting souvenir. In this the writer comments that it is somewhat warm out here now - getting like a bakehouse. In an airmail letter Pte. Crump writes :- "It seems that this is now the time of year for sand storms; it certainly gives it big 'licks' when the wind blows taking everything with it. The sand gets in everything, especially the food. If only the sand that gets in the porridge was sugar, we think that it would be sweet! I know now what people mean when they want to see the green hills of England again. Sand everywhere; nothing to rest your eyes on. In some respects there are certain things that are really beautiful, especially sunrises and sunsets; the colouring is wonderful. Still, for all that, I know where I would rather be, for one's own country takes a bit of whacking. The only trouble is that you don't realise it till you are away from it."
Referring to the thousands of Italian prisoners out there, Pte. Crump writes that the men put two fingers to their lips, asking for cigarettes when they meet the English soldiers. He adds that "this 'do' out here must have shaken Mussolini up a bit."
Mr. H. Crump is engaged in work of National Importance at Slough, Berks.


Friday, May 26, 1944 Page 2

CRUMP. - In loving memory of our dear son Eddie, Royal Tank Regiment, killed in action at Knightsbridge, May 30, 1942.
His life a happy memory,
his absence a silent grief.


Friday, May 25, 1945 Page 2

CRUMP. - Treasured memories of our much loved only child Eddie, who was killed in action in Libya, May 30, 1942. Buried in Acroma Cemetery, Knightsbridge. - Mum and Dad.
To the world but one,
To us, all the world.


Friday, July 6, 1945 Page 2

A Kindly Thought. - Pte. E. Langdon, R.A.S.C., serving with the A.E.F., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Langdon, of Bonchurch, in a letter to his parents, informed them that he had ascertained that the grave of Eddie Crump, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Crump, of Ventnor and Slough, is within three hours' journey of his station, and that he intends to visit it at the earliest possible moment.
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Janet Griffin for newspaper research
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