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In the Military Museum, Calbourne Mill, Calbourne, Isle of Wight
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A wooden panel, inscribed with the names of volunteers who served in the South African Wars.

Originally installed at the Guildhall in Newport, the Memorial was placed in storage at some point in its history at Northwood House in Cowes. It was relocated to the Military Museum at Calbourne in 2002.

Newport South African War memorial
Newport South African War memorial
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Warne W.H. 4th V B Hants Regiment
Warne W.G. Driver Prince Alfred's Own Cape Fld Art
Woods W. Trooper Imperial Lgt Horse
Caws S.W. Trooper Paget's Horse Killed in action during Great War.
See Memorial plaque at St Helens Church
Flyn H.W. Trooper late Diamond Fields Horse
Hollis H. Trooper Kaffarian Rifles
Brett G. [1] St John Amb Brigade
Barter G. St John Amb Brigade
Colenutt H.G. St John Amb Brigade
Feltham H. St John Amb Brigade
Hobbs A.G. St John Amb Brigade
Harding E. St John Amb Brigade
Lane E.W. St John Amb Brigade
Leach F. St John Amb Brigade
Morris F.J. St John Amb Brigade Biographical information
Sanderson G. St John Amb Brigade
Tabor W. St John Amb Brigade
Whittington A. St John Amb Brigade
Lever J.A. Trooper 50th Compy Hants Imp Yeomry
Primmer W. Trooper 50th Compy Hants Imp Yeomry
Redstone F.C. Trooper 50th Compy Hants Imp Yeomry
Trevanion A.H. Trooper 50th Compy Hants Imp Yeomry
Brown W.H. N.F.B. Union Amb Corps
Barton P. Corporal Queensland Mtd R.V.
Brook W.B. Private City Imp Volunteers
Brown T.H. Trooper S African Rifles
Chambers H.L.W. Trooper Scott's Mtd Ry Guards
Fletcher H. Trooper 70th Co 1st Btn Imp Yeomry
Fairall C.A.G. Sapper 24th Middlesex P.O. Vols
Griffiths E. Corpl. Warren's Mtd In & S A Lgt H
Heygate Rph. Private Henderson's Corps of Guides
Huck W.H. Private Matabele Defence Force
Hewitt A.S. Trooper East Kent Yeomanry
Rutland H.D.R. Trooper Cape Mtd Rifles
Richardson G.T. Sergeant 1st Middlesex Voluntrs
Ring C.A.E. Trooper 50th Co Hants Imp Yeomry
Nicholson H. Lieut. 2nd V B Hants Regt
Newman W. Trooper 50th & 116th Co Hants Imp Yeomry

[1] G Brett was awarded two medals for his South African service :
Orderly G. Brett, Isle of Wight Corps, St. John Ambulance Brigade
Queen's South Africa 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Transvaal, S.A. 1902 (1556 Ordly., St John Amb. Bde.); St John Medal for South Africa 1899-1902 (1556 Pte., Isle-of-Wight Corps)
They were sold at auction in September 1999 for £310
Also died, but not mentioned on the Memorial, and associated with Newport, was :
Sergeant Reginald Lionel Teale (2nd Bn., Cameronian Regiment (Scottish Rifles)), who died of enteric fever on 19th April 1900. He married Elizabeth James at St. Thomas' Church, Newport, in 1897.


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