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In the Military Museum, Calbourne Mill, Calbourne, Isle of Wight
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A wooden panel, inscribed with the names of volunteers who served in the South African Wars.

Originally installed at the Guildhall in Newport, the Memorial was placed in storage at some point in its history at Northwood House in Cowes. It was relocated to the Military Museum at Calbourne in 2002.

Newport South African War memorial
Newport South African War memorial
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Ash S. Trooper Kimberley Lgt Horse
Abbott W. Private Durban Lgt Infy Voluntrs
Bond S. Private City Imp Volunteers
Clarke C.M. Trooper 13th Compy Imp Yeomry
Cotton L. Private Imperial Light Infy
Crumley Private Oxford Volunteers
Denness A. Trooper Natal Carabiniers
Davis R.A. Private Red + Ambulance Bgd
Fallick B.A. Trooper Salisbury Mtd Police
Gould B.P. Trooper Kimberley Lgt Horse
Harvey C.A. Lance Corpl. Hants Voltr Maxim Gun Dt
Hill C.P. Private City Imp Volunteers
Hopping D McKay Private 2nd V B Gordon Highldrs
Holman R.C. Trooper N.S.W. Mtd Rifles
Jolliffe J.Y. Trooper 58th Compy Imp Yeomry
Jackman A.N. Trooper Lumsden's Horse
Laine E.J. Trooper 3rd Divn Cape Mtd Rifles
Laine H.E. Trooper Protectorate Regiment Mafeking
Langton S. Trooper Rimington's Guides
McLeod R. Sergt Thorneycroft's Horse
Moorman P. Trooper Roberts's Lgt Horse
Maggs C.E. Trooper Cape Mtd Police
Milroy E. Private City Imp Volunteers
Mabey J. Private Imp Lgt Infantry
Morris A.J. Private St John's Amb Bgd Biographical information



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