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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
- Newbridge -
- Halifax W7768 crash site -


Near Eades Farm, Newbridge, Isle of Wight.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

The Memorial is not recorded by the IWM.

The Memorial cross commemorates 5 R.C.A.F. and 2 R.A.F. aircrew who died when their aircraft, a Handley Page Halifax, W7768, of 405 Sqn, crashed.

The Memorial cross has not been visited by the Memorials and Monuments on the Isle of Wight team.


A paper In Memoriam notice was originally pinned to the cross but this has now been lost

Further Information

Six of the men are buried at Boldre (St John's) Churchyard, Hampshire.

Robert Washer is buried at Cardiff (Cathay) Cemetery.

WO II (Pilot) Lloyd Elsworth Snarr, R.C.A.F.CWGC record ...
Pilot Officer (Bomb Aimer/Navigator) Robert Washer, R.A.F.CWGC record ...
Flg. Off. (Observer) Ernest Stollery, R.C.A.F.CWGC record ...
Sgt (Flt. Engineer) Morris William Croft, R.A.F.CWGC record ...
Flt Sgt (W. Op. / Air Gunner) Norman Albert van Brunt, R.C.A.F.CWGC record ...
Sgt (Air Gunner) Michael William Fugere, R.C.A.F.CWGC record ...
Flt Sgt (Air Gunner) Gerald Edward Wagner, R.C.A.F.CWGC record ...

Circumstances of crash
'The aircraft, from 405 Squadron, R.C.A.F., took off from R.A.F. Beaulieu airfield at 06.30hrs on the 20th December 1942. The aircraft was setting out on an anti - shipping mission in the Channel. After passing over the West coast of the Island, and still climbing, the aircraft being flown by Flt Sgt. L. Snarr developed catastrophic engine failure. Within a matter of a few seconds the craft was out of control and plunged headlong into ground at Eades Farm, Newbridge.
It immediately burst into a ball of flame killing all the mainly Canadian crew made up of Flt Off. F. Stolley, M. Croft, N. Van Brunt, N. Fugere, G. Wagner and the pilot Flt Sgt. L. Snarr. Rescuers were on scene within minutes but nothing could be done as the heat and flame was intense, and from the danger of the many unexploded bombs that had been thrown clear of the aircraft.'
Acknowledgments :
Pauline Tyrrell and Hilary Higgins for photographs and information, and also details from Wight Air Wrecks by A T Gilliam (ISBN 0-7524-2376-2) and Battle in the Skies by H J T Leal (IWCP) and Isle of Wight at War by Adrian Searle.

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