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York Avenue / New Barn Road, East Cowes, Isle of Wight
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A stone carving, and plaque, in memory of Henry House, erected in 2011.

East Cowes Henry House memorial

East Cowes Henry House memorial


In early January 1899, Mr Henry House, Manager of the Liquid Fuel
Engineering Co. East Cowes, appeared before Newport Magistrates, He
was charged with driving his motor wagonette at a speed greater than
8 miles per hour, to the public danger.

Police Constables Scott and Maber reported that they had compared
watches at 10 pm and set themselves to detect motor vehicles travelling at
excessive speeds in the vicinity of East Cowes. P.C. Scott stood near
Osborne Gates and his colleague waited at the bottom of York Avenue, a
distance of 1,633 yards. The accused covered the distance in just 3
minutes - an average speed of more than 18 miles oer hour.

The Chairman of the Board of Magistrates said that he understood how
the public was terrified of motor cars driven at such a furious pace and
fined House £3 plus 11 shillings costs.

This was the very first motoring offence to be prosecuted on the Isle of

Sculptor : Glyn Roberts. A Friends of East Cowes project.

Further Information
More details of Henry House and the Liquid Fuel Engineering Co can be found on the IW Industrial Archaelogical website :


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