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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
- Gatcombe : St Olave's Church -
- Roll of Honour WW I -


In St Olave's Church, Gatcombe, Isle of Wight, PO30 3EJ.
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

Link : War Memorials Archive Reference 40765
Historic England Listing Status

St Olave's Church is Grade I Listed. Since the Roll of Honour forms part of the fittings of the Church, it is assumed that it is covered by the Listing.

A preprinted Roll of Honour form, completed in manuscript.

Names given of those who served, and died. For only those who died, see Roll of Honour (2)

Gatcombe St Olave's Church : Roll of Honour WW I

Roll of Honour
"For King and Country"

Names recorded
Eng Lieut B R U Brannon RN HMS Erin [died]
Biographical Information
William Groves Dreadnought Biographical Information
Sto PO Charles A Kenley Minerva
L S Thomas Leadbeater Iron Duke
Sto PO Henry Smith Ursa
Capt Charles G Seely I W Rifles [died]
Biographical Information
Capt A Cuthbert Brannon Tank Corps Biographical Information
Bomb Harold Allen R G A
Bat S Maj John Thomas Attrill R G A
Pte Guy R Austin Bolam R W Kent
Pte Walter Bradley Hants
L/Cpl William Brown 4th R Fusls
Bomb Arthur Frank Buckell R G A
Pte Charles F Cheverton RAMC
Pte Albert Bromwell 1st Hants [died]
Buried at Talana Farm Cemetery, Ypres
Pte Arthur Frank Dore 15th London Regt [died]
Pte John Henry Flux RAMC
Pte Herbert G Foss R F A
Pte George Percy Groves 7th Hants
S Maj George William Groves R G A [died]
Biographical Information
Sgt Walter Frank Groves 1st Hants Biographical Information
Cpl Ernest Arthur Groves 1st Dorsets [died]
Biographical Information
Pte Edgar James Hendy 10th Hants
Pte Bertram Henry Hendy Warwicks
Pte Harry Hendy 2nd Hants
Pte Ernest Hendy M G C
Sergt Harry Hiscock Hants
Cpl Frank Jones A S C
2nd Lieut Sydney W Kerley R F A
Rflmn Ernest Kerley IW Rifs [died]
Gnr Edward M Kerley R F A
Gnr Alfred Meaning R F A
Cpl Kenneth Meaning R E
Cpl Frederick R Mastchin 1st Dorsets
Gnr Sydney H Mastchin R G A
Pte Alfred George Mastchin A S C
Dr Allan Hugh Mastchin A S C
Pte Charles Henry Mastchin R G A
Cpl Sydney James Osman R G A
Dr Reginald George Osman R F A
Pte Joseph Edward Parker Som L I
Pte Wallace L Payne IW Rfls
Lan Cpl Frank Rann A S C
Pte Oliver Salter Hants [died]
Biographical information
Dr William James Salter A S C
Dr George Henry Salter A S C
Dr Frederick Salter A S C
Pte Simeon Smith 1st Hants [died in 1920]
Buried at Carisbrooke (Mount Joy) Cemetery
Gnr Arthur Harry Taylor R H A
Pte Charles William Taylor A S C
Cpl Reginald Charles Tosdevin 1st Hants
Sgt Clarence Westmore IW Rfls
Pte George H Westmore Lab Btn
Pte Thomas Westmore 2nd Hants
Pte Arthur John Williams D C L I
Gnr Richard H Morris R G A
Dr A H Butchers R G A
Pte Arthur Bonaper (?) Hants
Pte E J Trott IoW Rfls
Pte A F Kerley 5th Hants
Pte J Smith
Sapper George A Tosdevin E Surrey
Pte Sydney G Tosdevin 4th Hants
Pte William Jowett IW Rfls
Sgt Inst T S Corry 1st Seaf Highs [died]
Biographical information
Also from Gatcombe,
but not listed on Roll of Honour :
Rifleman William Charles White IW Rifles [died]

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