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Memorials & Monuments
on the Isle of Wight
- Arreton St George's Church -
- Burma Star Association Memorial Window -


In St George's Church, Arreton, Isle of Wight, PO30 3AP
IWM War Memorials Archive Record

Link : War Memorials Archive Reference 21702
Historic England Listing Status

St George's Church is Grade I Listed. Since the Memorial Window is part of the fabric of the Church, it is assumed that it is covered by the Listing.
Description and history

Three light Memorial window on south wall of Church.

Funded by public subscription of £14,000.
Unveiled by Countess Mountbatten of Burma on Tuesday 12th May, 1992.
Designed by Mr Alan Younger.
Specialist Glazier : Mr David Knowles of Oxted, Surrey.
Stonemasons : Mr David Hailstone and Mr David Crouch, of Wight Stonemasonry Ltd.

The cabinet below the window contains a Roll of Honour listing 308 Members of the Isle of Wight branch of the Burma Star Association..


Countess Mountbatten of Burma and Lt Col the Rev Guy Armstrong (photo by Isle of Wight County Press)
photo by Isle of Wight County Press

Burma Star Memorial window, Arreton




Abbey E. 128/36th LAA Regt. Royal Artillery
Abbott J.W. 221 Group, Royal Air Force.
Adcock B.A. 27 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Aitcheson C.A. 7th. Queen's Own Hussars.
Aitken H.C. 832 Sqdn. F.A.A. HMS. Begum.
Alexander R.G. 114 Jungle Field Regt., Royal Artillery.
Andrews G. Royal Navy.
Annis A.D. 111 L of C Provost Unit, 14th. Army.
Armstrong A.M. Royal Air Force.
Armstrong G.L.W. 7/14th. Punjab Regt. HO. SACSEA.
Arnold F.P. 5th. Marine Regt. Royal Artillery.
Attrill L.H. 16th. M.T.B. Flotilla, Att. R.l.N.
Ayling R.S. 2nd. Queen's Royal Regt.
Bailey W. 88 Sappers, Royal Artillery.
Baker C.H. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Baker R.J. H.M.S. Roebuck, Royal Navy.
Barton F.A.A. 33 lndian Corps Signals.
Baulcombe J.T. Royal Corps of Signals.
Baynes D.Mc.L. 2nd, Bn. Dorsetshire Regt.
Beaven J.A. 62 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Beckingham P. 24th. LAA. Regt.,Royal Artillery.
Beddall Mrs D.M. Sister, QAIMNS Res. 441 G.Hospital.
Beddall R. 154 Fd. Amb. RAMC. RASC.
Biles C.E.J. Royal Artillery, British 2nd. Div.
Blackwell K.S. Royal Navy.
Blackwood M.H. Sec. East African Artillery,11lth. Div.
Boalch A.W. 2nd. Bn. Royal Norfolk Regt. 2nd. Div
Boyes F.O. 8th. HAA. 82nd. WA. Division.
Bowyer F.F. H.M.S. Highway, Royal Navy.
Brett M.A. 4/Bn. Royal West Kent Regt.
Brook W. 88/24th. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Broughton J.W. 1st. Bn. Somerset Light lnfantry.
Brown K. Royal Air Force.
Buckland G.H. Combined Ops., Royal Navy.
Bull C.C. 24th LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Bunker A.W. 22nd. East African Bde. REME.
Burgess F.H. Royal Navy.
Bunnell P.T. H.M.S. Royalist, Royal Navy.
Butterworth N.R. 1st. Bn. lnniskilling Fusiliers.
Campbell A.W. Royal Artillery, Attd. 8 Sikh Regt.
Carpenter R.D Royal Marines.
Cartwright D.J. 20th. Indian Division.
Cass E.G. 4th. Royal West Kents.
Cass G.H. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Cassell C.S.M. Royal Corps of Signals.
Casson J. Royal Corps of Signals.
Chase Rev. F.J. 36th. Indian Division, H.Q.
Chaffey D.J.H. H.M.S. Emperor, Royal Navy.
Chappell J. 1st. Bn. Somerset Light Infantry.
Cheek W. R.A.S.C.
Chiverton T.P. 210 A.E.M.S. Royal Air Force.
Clark R. 115 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Coldham G.C. Royal Scots, 36th. Division.
Collett G.A. 60 R & S U. Royal Air Force.
Conroy P.J. 4th. Bn., Royal West Kents.
Cooke H.D. 9th. Bn. The Royal Sussex Regt.
Coombes C.A. 2nd. Bn. Worcester Regt.
Coombes E.C. H.M.S. Howe, Royal Navy.
Coombes D.E. 25th. Dragoon Guards.
Cottle R.B. H.M.S. Venus, Royal Navy.
Cotton I.S.G. 60 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Cox A.H. 24th. LAA. Regt., Royal Artillery.
Cox H.F. 7th. Bn. Worcester Regt.
Craddock T.R. Royal Navy.
Crews K.F. 1st. Bn., Royal Berkshire Regt.
Cumming B.R. Jap. P.O.W.
Currier W.S. Corp of Signals, P.o.W. Singapore.
Danielle E.B. 4 Corps, 14th. Army.
Davies I.T. Intelligence Corps.
Dawe A.R. 124 AA. Regt., Royal Artillery.
Dennis P.B. Royal Air Force.
Denton C.E. Royal Corps of Signals.
Dillon J.D. Royal Marines.
Dixon J.H. 831 Sqdn, F.A.A. H.M.S. lndomitable. Biographical information
Downie D.R. 36 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Duffin W. 18th. Visual Control Post, l4th Army.
Dunn J.A. J.A. H.M.S. Durban, Royal Navy.
Dunning E.W. 115 Jungle Field Regt. R.A. 19 Ind. Div
Earle R.T. R.A.M.C. 2nd. Division.
Edwards G.A. H.M.S. lndomitable, Royal Navy.
Evans J. 26th. Ind. Div. & 2nd British Division.
Evelegh B.G.N. 25th. Dragoons.
Eveleigh Mrs. B. W.A.C.I.
Everard H.A. L. of C. Signals, 14th. Army.
Farmer C. 11th. East African Division.
Farrell D.V 116 Regt. R.A.C.
Fayle D. R. Viper Force. R.M. Det. 385.
Fenton E.J. R.A.S.C. West African Division.
Fenton F.R. Royal Navy.
Few J.L. H.M.S. Royalist, Royal Navy.
Findon E.J. 67 Staging Post, Manipur Road, R.A.F Biographical information
Freshwater J.A. 125 Anti-tank Regt. Royal Artillery.
Frost R.G.H. H.M.S. Unicorn, Fleet Air Arm.
Gage J. R.A.S.C. l4th. Army.
Gale S.R. 9th. Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Gare D.C.F. 19 Air Fmn. Signals. Royal Signals.
Gillam Mrs. J.F. QAIMNS. (V).
Giles P.N. MG. Bn. 13 Frontier Force Rifles.
Gibbons R.H. 11 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Grange F.H. 53rd. HAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Greene E.D. H.M.S. Athene. Royal Navy.
Green L. Intelligence Branch, HQ. 14th. Army
Gregory D.J.C. Royal Navy.
Gruning E.H. 17th.Ind. Bty. 23rd. Mountain Regt.
Gulliver R.A. Royal Artillery.
Hale D.T. 82 W.A. Div., Royal Engineers.
Hardcastle G.E. 1st.Bn. Wiltshire Regt.
Hardiman S.E. 15th. Corps, 82 West African Division.
Harrison Dr. D.G. 16th. Bde. Med.Unt, 2nd. Qn`s Ryl. Regt
Hart A. 39 S.U. Royal Air Force.
Hastain R.E.G. R.A.O.C. POW.
Hatch R.D. 36th. Division.
Hayward J.F. 29 Comp. Workshops, R.A.S.C.
Hazell R. HMS. Laforey, 19 Dtr. Pt. Royal Navy.
Heath S.E. Royal Artillery, POW.
Hickling C.L. 48 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Higgins W.H.J. H.M.S. Kenya, Royal Navy.
Hill J .W. 114th. Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Hirst P. 1st. Bn. West Yorks, 17 Indian Division.
Hizzey W.H. Royal Air Force.
Holbrook C.L. 2967 R.A.F. Regt. Royal Air Force.
Holland K.A. 148 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. POW.
Hollis A. 78/35th. Regt. Royal Artillery, POW.
Hope G.C. Royal Navy.
Hopkins A.G. No.9 I.D.M.S., R.A.M.C.
Howlett H.G. H.M.S. Rotherham, Royal Navy.
lddles G.H. Royal Marines.
Ilton A.B. Army Education Corps
Ingram H.J. 2nd, Bn. The Buffs.
Jacobs R.J. 651 L/Craft. Flotilla. Royal Navy. Entry as given in Roll. R.J. Jacobs actually served with the Royal Marines.
Jackson T.W. 23rd. Indian Division, l.E.M.E.
Jaques T.W. 1st. Bn. Essex Regt.
Jenkins S.A. 82 West African Division.
Jenkinson E.H. H.M.S. Suffolk, Royal Navy.
Jerram R.H. 5768 M.S.U. Royal Air Force.
Johnson R.H. Royal Air Force.
Johnstone D.B. H.M.S. Queen Emma. Royal Navy.
Jones Rev. A.V. Royal Air Force.
Jones P.E. 10 Op.Unit, 224 Grp, Royal Air Force.
Jones Miss R.E. Q.A.I.M.N.S. (R).
Jordon L.N. Naval Party 2436. Royal Navy.
Joynes C.G. 3 Carabineers, Prince of Wales Dgn. Gds
Judkin A.A.J. 800 Coy. Air Despatch, R.A.S.C.
Keays F.A. 1st. Bn. Lancs FusilIers. (ChIndits).
Kelly J.P. 51/54 Bty.10 Fld. Regt. Royal Artillery
Kendall W.T. 1st. Royal Berks Regt.
Kerr D.A. 82nd. West African Div. R.W.A.F.F.
Kindersley H. Malayan Volunteers.
King A.E. 82nd. AA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
King F.J.R. H.M.S. lllustrious, Royal Navy.
Kingswell W. 1st. Queen's Royal Regt.
Lambert P.S.A. 306 E. African Fld Regt. Royal Artillery
Lamsley A.H. 1 T.D.S. 254 lndian Tank Brigade.
Landon L.H. 8th. Lahore Mountain Bty. R.l.A.
Lathey D. 2967 Squadron. R.A.F. Regt.
Law C.W.G. 146 Regt. R.A.C. (Duke of Welllngtons)
Lawrence B.P. H.M.S. King George V., Royal Navy.
Leal L.T. 2 R.T.R.
Lee A. 5 Commando.
Lee Miss O.M. Q.A.R.A.N.S. (Seac).
Leppard H.G. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Lewis O. I.E.M.E.
Lewis S.G. 2/10th. Bn. Gloster Regt.
Locke H.G. H.M. Submarine Thule, Royal Navy.
Long J.A. 55 Cpy. 18th. Div. R.A.S.C.
Mason J.B. 358 WU., Royal Air Force.
Merry. W. HMS. London, Royal Navy.
McKenzie N. 168 Wing, 221 Group, Royal Air Force.
Martin F.H.J. 54th Regt.11th. East African Division.
Martin D.W.S. 1/3rd.Q.A.O. Gurkha Rifles.
Martin T.C. M/G Batt. 13th. Frontier Force Rifles.
Matthews J.B. 268 Lorried Brigade, 21st. lndlan Division
Matthews G. R.A.F.Headquarters, Singapore.
Meadows A.J. 18th. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Montagu J.D. 2nd. Punjab Regiment.
Moore A.H.E. 221 Group, Royal Air Force.
Morgan H.B. 168 Wing, 221 Group, Royal Air Force.
Morgan W.M. 3rd. Dragoon Guards.
Morris E.G. H.M.S. lndefatigable, Royal Navy.
Moss S. Royal Corps of Signals.
Neal J.W. 16th. Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Nelson A.T. 607 Aux. Squadron, Royal Air Force
Orchard P.R.J. 23 Bde. Wkshps, R.E.M.E. (Chindits)
O'Sullivan M. Royal Artillery.
Pain H.C. 3rd. Carabineers. 15 Corps.
Palmer D.F. 1 Bn. Royal Lincs.
Pavitt P.C. POW. Singapore. Royal Artillery.
Payne A.E. 8 W/T Type "M" Royal Signals.
Peach W.P. Tank Recovery. 14th. Army.
Pearson C.C. R.I. Navy, R. Aus. Navy, Royal Navy.
Pereira Dr. B.J. 14th. Army.
Pettit A.W. H.M.S. Wayland. Royal Navy.
Phillips C.A. H.M.S. Valiant. Royal Navy.
Pigot Sir R.M. 3 Commando Brigade.
Poole W.P. 1st. Medium Regt. Royal Artillery.
Pountney C.C. Pilot. Fleet Air Arm.
Power Sir M.L. Royal Navy.
Price B.G. 16th Infantry Bde. R.A.S.C. (Chindits).
Pullin l.J. 2nd. Reconnaissance Regt. 2nd Division
Purfield P.W. H.M.S. Redoubt. Royal Navy.
Pryke K. Royal Air Force.
Pyner H. H.M.S. Howe, Royal Navy.
Radford R. 58 Company, Royal Engineers.
Ralfs S.F. 33 HAA Regt. Royal Artillery. (Chindits).
Rayment J.W. 2nd. HAA. Regt. 82 West African Division
Raynor A.G. Royal Air Force
Reed J.H. 24th. LAA. Regt./ 82nd. Anti-Tank Regt.
Reed W.E.G. Patrol Service. Minesweepers.
Robson D.A. HMLST. 406, Royal Navy.
Rothwell G.J. 17 Squadron. Royal Air Force.
Russel E.H. 9th. Gurkha Rifles. (Chindits).
Russell W.S. Air H.Q. Bengal. Royal Air Force.
Ryan C. 8th. Indep. HAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Ryman S.A. Royal Navy.
Saunders F.J. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Savage J.R. 2nd. Reconnaissance, Royal Artillery.
Scott G.H. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Scovell R.G. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Scrivener W.T. Royal Marines.
Seddon C. 1 Corps MP. CPM. 14th. lndian Division.
Shove E. R.A.O.C. 36th. Division.
Sims A.E. 72 Bde. 36th. Division, Royal Signals.
Simmonds W.G. RTR. R.A.O.C.
Sitwell H.D.W. Maj.Gen. Dist. Comd. East Anglia Dist
Sleep T.E. H.M.S. Ramilies, Royal Navy.
Smart C.G.G. Royal Air Force.
Smith A.E. 27th. Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Smith W.F. 1st. Bn. Northamptonshire Regt.
Smith W.E. 10th Bn. Gloster Regt.
Soltau Miss B.F. F.A.N.Y.
Spicer H.S. 231/114 Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Stancombe D. 4th. Royal West Kents.
Steadman G. 48 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Stevens P.F. H.M.S. Rifleman, Royal Navy.
Street M. Wiltshire Regt.
Swanson G.V. H.M.S. Evenload, Royal Navy.
Thomas T.H. Royal Navy.
Thurston N.E. 158 Jungle Field Regt. Royal Artillery.
Tilling G.E. 6th. Bn. Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry
Toole E. Royal Air Force.
Turner L.E. Royal Air Force.
Turner V.T. 14th. Army.
Truscott R. R.E.M.E. 2nd. Division.
Tyre T.W. King's Regt. I.A.0.C.
Van Ristell C.S. 60 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Vinall H.W.P. 3rd. WA. Regt. Wkshps, W.A.E.M.E
Vincett R.J. 215 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Von Horsten F.W. Force 136, E.A. Forces.
Waddington J. Royal Engineers.
Waldron J.G. R.A.P.C.
Wall G.H. 221 Group, Royal Air Force.
Ward B.G. 3rd. WA. lnf. Bde. (Chindits).
Webb E.S. 3041 LST. Royal Navy.
Webber G.W. 4/l0th. Gurkha Rifles.
West J.M. 22nd. CCS. 36th Division. R.A.M.C.
West R.W 54 Fd. Compy. Royal Engineers.
Westlake T.B. British Pacific Fleet, Royal Navy.
Wheeler R.H. 24th. LAA. Regt. Royal Artillery.
White B.S.C. 902 Wing, Royal Air Force.
White H.A. 50 OP. Sec. 4 Corps, Royal Signals.
White W.V. Combined Ops. 2/KE VII Gurkha Rifles.
Williams G.E. H.M.S. Unicorn, Royal Navy.
Williams H. 177/181 Signals Wing, Royal Air Force.
Williams H.C. 20 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Wilson F.H. Merchant Navy.
Wood A.C. 24 Reinfmnt. Camp, Kohima, West Kents
Wood L.A. 2111 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Woodhouse R.A. 6 Bde. Wkshps, R.E.M.E. 2nd.Division.
Worrell D.C. Royal Navy.
Wray M.A. Minesweeper MS.7, Royal Navy.
Youens J M. 3rd. Caribineers
Addendum 1995
Abrook A.E. Royal Marines.
Battram A. Essex Regt. (Chindit).
Beard D.M. H.M.S. Nelson, Royal Navy.
Brennan A.W. 52nd. Regt. Royal Artillery.
Bryer-Ash P. 1st. Bn. Wiltshire Regt. Sec. Z. Force.
Buckett S.A. Royal Corps of Signals.
Busk M.E. 4/9th. Gurkha Rifles. (Chindit).
Clark W. , 115 Squadron, Royal Air Force.
Coombes W. 14th. Army.
Cotton F.W. 14th. Army.
Cuffling H. H.M.S. Dorsetshire, Royal Navy.
Cummins E. Army Education Corps, 14th. Army
Dance K. Punjabis Regiment, R.A.
Debenham G. 14th. Army, (Chindit).
Fudge L.L. 2nd. Batt. Dorset Regt.
Flanagan J. Royal Engineers, 14th. Army.
Gissing V.H. Royal Navy.
Green S.J.H. 2nd. Burma Brigade.
Guille E.T. Fleet Air Arm.
Guy H.W. 799 Coy., R.A.S.C. (Air Despatch).
Harding A. 14th.Army.
Hawkins S.E. 14th Army.
Harrison R. 26th. Indian Div. Provost Unit.
Holt PJ. H.M.S. Euryalus, Royal Navy.
Kidson W.G.J. Indian Air Formation, Signals.
Martin J. Intelligence Corps, Indian Field Security.
Meyer H. M. Royal Navy.
Parker S.W. Worcester Regiment, Znd. Division.
Pogson J. R.I.A.S.C. 14th. Army.
Stanley W.H. Royal Navy.
Stark N.A.W. 'D' Troop, 201 Batt.,56th. H.A.A.Regt.
Walkinton J.A. Bedford and Herts. Regt (Chindit).
Ward L.H. 139 Jungle Field Regt. 7th., Division.
Westwood W.K.L. 4th. Bn., Royal West Kents.
Willis R.M. 94th. Field Coy., Royal Engineers.
Wills W.J. H.M.S. Saumarez, Royal Navy.
Woodlands J. 14th. Army.

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